October 23, 2017 - Picnic Time


HOWARD — The trade was flattering bad during rise times, though Saturday’s Punkin Chunkin Fall Festival in Bald Eagle State Park was good value a wait.

Pleasant weather, lots of food booths and other vendors, a loose atmosphere that welcomed kids and dogs, and of march a possibility to watch folks hurl some pumpkins, all done for a ideal tumble day during a lake.

“The atmosphere cannon was unequivocally something, and a trebuchets were amazing,” one visiting operative remarked.

Pumpkin-flinging teams set adult their inclination — about 10 in all — with flingers on both ends of a beach. Picnic tables in a center afforded excellent views of a action, and a vendors set adult in dual prolonged midways behind them.

Visitors numbered in a thousands. In between a pumpkin-flinging rounds, they were acquire to speak to a creators of a catapults and other contraptions.

The Smokin Lamas from Chester County once again drew fans with their brightly colored flywheel and their surprising design, requiring someone to furiously float a still bike for dual mins to emanate centrifugal pumpkin-throwing power.

The Big 10 Inch atmosphere cannon, that has a explain of being a Guinness world’s record hilt for farthest stretch to glow a pumpkin, frequently boomed, separate fume and done “pumpkin pie” out of a ammunition, delighting a crowds with a banishment distance.

The atmosphere cannon’s group is from a Philadelphia-Delaware-New Jersey region. The name Big 10 Inch refers to a gimlet — and to a fact that it is 100 feet long.

Monkey’n Around, designed and built by Tracy Wingert of Punxsutawney, was substantially a smallest flinger along a beach, though it smacked a pumpkin into a H2O regularly, only like a large boys. At home, it launches a bowling round 70 feet.

Skypult was built out of throw pieces of steel by Richard Beveridge of a Huntingdon area. A low-tech catapult, it stood side by side with a complicated atmosphere cannon and got a share of flings in during a event.

The chunkin’ went on from about 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., as did a picnicking.

One of a STAT MedEvac helicopters that offer western Pennsylvania landed around noon, and a organisation displayed a medical use capabilities to kids and adults alike.

Sponsored by a Howard Volunteer Fire Co., Punkin Chunkin is an eventuality a segment can be unapproachable of, and a fun approach to make memories with family and friends.

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