City row OKs bid for park restroom shelters

November 3, 2014 - Picnic Time

The restroom shelters during Goodyear Park and Lawton Field are one step closer to apropos a reality.

A recommendation to a Portage Common Council of a bid from a Madison construction association was authorized on a 3-2 opinion Monday dusk during a assembly of a Portage Finance and Administration Committee.

“We felt these were a best numbers available,” pronounced City Administrator Shawn Murphy.

The votes authorized a bid of $480,908 for a plan by Harmony Construction of Madison.

“We did reallocate some supports in expectation of this,” in a 2015 collateral budget, Murphy said.

If a bid is authorized by a Common Council during a Nov. 13 meeting, construction would start in a spring.

The agreement requires that a Lawton Field comforts be finished by Jul 1 and a Goodyear Park comforts by Dec. 1.

The bid includes a canopy over an area for cruise tables and chairs, an involuntary locking resource for a restrooms, immaculate fixtures and a concessions area during Goodyear Park.

Committee members and Aldermen Richard Lynn and Martin Havolvic voted opposite a bid,

“These buildings are unequivocally tiny buildings,” Lynn said. “They should be means to be built for during slightest $150,000 less.”

Lynn wondered either a city could conduct a construction plan itself.

“We unequivocally don’t have a staff to manage architectural construction,” Murphy said.

Lynn also pronounced he believes a city would get improved prices by promulgation a projects out to bid in Jan or February.

“I only consider these numbers are ridiculously high,” Lynn said.

It is a third time that a Goodyear Park trickery has left out for bids. Last year a city bid a plan on a possess and perceived identical high bids. At a time a city chose not to go brazen with a plan citing a high costs. When it was rebid as partial of a package that enclosed a Lawton Field facility, bids were likewise high.

In September, a Common Council deserted a recommendation by a cabinet to accept a bid for construction that was some-more than $300,000 above bill estimates for a facilities.

The city had budgeted about $200,000 for a construction of a dual identical facilities. The new bid saved $12,399 over those submitted in August.

While a cabinet reviewed a city bill during a meeting, it could take no movement on it. Instead, a bill will be reviewed by a Committee of a Whole on Nov. 13, with probable adoption occurring during a assembly of a Portage Common Council on Nov. 25.

The bill underwent teenager changes after a committee’s assembly final week to boost contributions to a car deputy fund.

“We radically have employed a entirely levy extent we’re allowed,” during an boost of 1.24 percent, Murphy said.

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