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November 10, 2014 - Picnic Time

EAST SPENCER — The possibilities are unconstrained as to what could benefaction itself in East Spencer as a city looks to attract intensity businesses and other development.

The city is looking to emanate an appealing gateway for expansion around and nearby Interstate 85 Exit 79 and Andrews Street.

Andrews Street is located right off a widespread and is a highway that connects East Spencer to a interstate.

The thought about intensity expansion has been floating around East Spencer for during slightest 10 years, pronounced Mayor Barbara Mallett.

She pronounced there’s been speak about building that area, though with a execution of a new territory of highway and a new bridge, a seductiveness in expansion has been renewed.

“Our categorical purpose of this devise is we wish to make it as easy as possible. We are looking during ordinances, zoning and planning,” Mallett said.

She pronounced when a time comes for developers to demeanour during a town, it’s easier if a city doesn’t have to spend time changing ordinances and zoning that could instead already be in place.

The residence motionless during a Mar formulation shelter that it would make mercantile expansion a high priority. Since that assembly in a spring, a residence combined a devise organisation that consists of dual residence members, officials from a state bureau of Community Planning Assistance, Rowan County RowanWorks EDC and a consultant in planning.

The organisation meets about each 3 weeks to plead what a city could do to foster growth.

The organisation recently presented what they’ve been operative on during an Oct village meeting.

“It won’t work unless it’s a partnership between a skill owners and town,” pronounced F.E. Isenhour, conduct of open works.

Mallett pronounced many of a residents who attended a assembly wanted to know how due mercantile expansion would impact them. There were about 40 to 50 people who attended.

About dual years ago, Mallett sent a minute to skill owners who lived or owned skill along Andrews and Long streets usually to get feedback from them and scrutinise if they would be meddlesome in offered some skill in sequence to redevelop it.


One of a initial stairs in a routine is to demeanour during a town’s stream zoning ordinances and a H2O and cesspool infrastructure.

Town Administrator Macon Sammons Jr. pronounced a thought is to urge zoning standards that are geared to a form of expansion a city would like to see that is identical to a Aldi Warehouse. The city staff is going by creation certain that there are no inconsistencies in a town’s zoning ordinances.

Mallett pronounced a roads and how they are designed is also important. There might be opportunities to dilate some roads to 4 lanes or reconfigure them to embody spin lanes.

Isenhour pronounced one thought would be to make Andrews Street a four-lane highway with a divider.

The city has for some months been looking during a H2O and cesspool to see where improvements can be made. About 5 years ago, a city transposed aged waterlines since they were leaking, though have still struggled with H2O loss.

The city has worked with a North Carolina Rural Water Association to brand where a city has been losing water. Town staff along with member from Salisbury-Rowan Utilities have looked during where intensity waste might have occurred.


Mallett pronounced a city didn’t usually wish to make all of these skeleton and afterwards benefaction them to a city though removing some input.

“We wish this to be a community-led vision,” she said.

There are many people concerned in this undertaking, not usually citizens, though a town, a state bureau of Community Planning Assistance, Rowan County, RowanWorks EDC and a consultant planner have helped in some approach to breeze a plans. It’s expected a devise of movement will be prepared and presented in a winter or open of 2015 after receiving submit from a open and a news to a board.

Sammons pronounced there is also a organisation of connoisseur students along with expertise during UNC-Chapel Hill who are operative with a town.

“We demeanour during a downtown area to attract investment and redevelopment,” he said.

The city is touting this expansion as a northern Rowan County expansion project, not usually an East Spencer project.

“One of a things we concentration on is product and business development. They are looking during some-more than usually sites and what can go there. They are looking during streets, zoning, that is indispensable to assistance them recruit,” pronounced Robert Van Geons, executive executive of RowanWorks Economic Development.

Van Geons pronounced he believes a mezzanine has a intensity for light industrial.

“We’ve been looking during a city and saying if skill owners are meddlesome in carrying a conversation. People have been really receptive. It’s still in a early stages of planning,” he said.

He pronounced a progressing a city can benefit feedback and rivet people about their ideas, a better.

“We need to learn and hear feedback, and a final thing we wish to do is go discordant to what a adults want,” Van Geons said.

RowanWorks has been providing a city with research, selling and technical support, he said, in a clarity they are means to advise on what is possibly in a sold location.

“There are always opposite options for a square of property,” he said.

He pronounced a execution of this prophesy could take years, though a city is means to start some of a work within a subsequent integrate of months.

“The movement to get there can start soon,” Van Geons said. “It could start with one or dual businesses or streetscape.”

“The biggest thing is nothing of this is about restricting or revelation people what they can or can’t do, though what they wish to do and what they wish to see their village be,” he said.

Van Geons pronounced he’s vehement during a passion and enterprise he’s seen from a staff and inaugurated officials he’s met with.

In further to checking a zoning ordinances, city officials are creation certain East Spencer is appealing to intensity businesses by meditative about immature spaces.

The city residence gave their support a integrate of years ago to be partial of a Carolina Thread Trail, that is a network of trails and greenways that will eventually bond dozens of counties. The thought is that a route would come by Royal Giants Park.

Royal Giants Park

The city is being deliberate for a Parks and Recreation Trust Fund extend to assistance make some upgrades to a park.

But, as of late August, a city has $116,000 of a indispensable $300,000 in compare money. The Robertson Family Foundation awarded a city a income to be practical to a park upgrades.

The extend can be used to acquire land or rise parks and recreational projects.

The city hopes to emanate a new opening highway into a park since now a Robinson Road opening cuts by a center of a park.

Another partial of a devise would put a dash pool during a park to reinstate a aged swimming pool as good as make improvements to a bath residence and supplement cruise tables.

A news detailing specific ideas will be presented in December.

In a meantime, a city will reason a assembly to plead a ideas to redevelop Royal Giants Park.

Mallett pronounced there’s been a building during a park that’s been empty for years and would be ideal for a health-care facility. She’s been advocating a need for a health-care trickery in East Spencer for some time now.

The facility, she said, would be identical to China Grove Family Medicine, a hospital located on Centerview Street, and could offer not usually East Spencer, though residents in adjacent towns.

The city will reason a village assembly from 3 to 5 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 20, during city hall, 105 South Long St., to plead a due skeleton for Royal Giants Park.

Contact contributor Shavonne Potts during 704-797-4253.

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