Colleagues, Students Remember Philando Castile At Picnic

July 15, 2016 - Picnic Time

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Students who got to know Philando Castile during his time operative during a St. Paul School also remembered him on Thursday.

Hundreds collected outward JJ Hill Montessori School in St. Paul for a village picnic. Governor Mark Dayton and Lt. Governor Tina Smith also attended a event. Families and friends used a day to remember a long-time St. Paul Public Schools employee.

Family, friends, and students common a dish outward a propagandize Philando Castile had helped offer dishes to children over a years.

“I consider he found that job, he found his niche. A lot of times we go by life not meaningful what a purpose is. we consider he satisfied that was his purpose,” Greg Taylor, Castile’s uncle, said.

It was a opposite tinge than a week ago, when a burial was hold in front of a propagandize in light of Castile’s death.

Thursday’s village eventuality was some-more upbeat and healing. There was even laughter.

“He favourite to make people laugh,” third grader Jermaine Curtis said.

“He only had a celebrity that everybody loved,” fifth grader Anja Gondale said. “I’m unequivocally unhappy a he died. He’s a loving, caring guy.”

Governor Mark Dayton attended a funeral, and met with a Castile family during JJ Hill Montessori, during a village picnic.

“It was a smashing village gathering, violation bread together and expressing their common humanity,” Dayton said.

“The outpour of support has been phenomenal,” Valerie Castile said.

Castile’s mom addressed friends, family, and strangers.

“Any one of us could be Philando, and we don’t wish my son to have died in vain,” Valerie Castile said.

Co-workers contend Castile, who had been operative for St Paul Public schools given he was 19, was famous for going above and over for students. He would take caring of blank supports for children’s lunches, and assistance kids with special needs.

“He would go above and over whatever it took to make certain each singular one of those kids came there inspired and left full. There was zero in a universe that male wouldn’t do for them kids,” one of his colleagues said.

The arriving propagandize year would have been Castile’s 14th with a district. Students and colleagues contend it won’t be a same though him, though they won’t forget a chairman who desired what he did to make others smile.

“The village of JJ Hill has unequivocally pulled together. They wish to respect him any approach they can. It’s a unhappy time for them,” Mary Smith, who works in food services for St. Paul Public Schools, said.

Castile’s family supposing a food for a picnic. The use was supposing by a people who used to work with him during a school.

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