Commemorative picture to prominence Clinton history, move new life to Main Street

November 4, 2014 - Picnic Time

CLINTON — Between a Clinton Pharmacy and a Hunterdon Christian Books and Gifts store, a work of art is celebrating a town’s story is solemnly holding shape.

Artist and ancestral elect boss Christie Wood has been operative on a 72 by 15-foot outside picture given mid-October, entitled “A Bridge Across Time.” The finished product will applaud a town’s 150th anniversary a story opposite a bridge, commencement with a town’s union in 1865 and stability to a present.

The picture was consecrated by a city 150th anniversary commitee, that Wood volunteered to paint after attending one of their meetings. The supports for a paint are supposing by a ancestral commission.

The picture will etch a Red Mill as it seemed in a 1800’s to a left of a picture and a Hunterdon Art Museum during a benefaction time during a right. Town icons Dave a Rave and a glow lorry owned by Frank Hooper will also be featured.

Wood pronounced even yet a picture isn’t finished, it has already been creation an sense on passersby. She believes this is a initial outside picture to go adult in Clinton.

“Even only starting it, people have been walking by this alley that’s routinely only beige and only saying a blue sky go on, they all contend ‘that’s some-more cheerful,'” Wood noted. “It’ll supplement an artistic component and city honour since it’s going to applaud a anniversary.”

The picture will eventually cover a whole side of a building adult to a electric box, with plywood covering a 3 existent windows. Wood pronounced this is a largest plan she’s undertaken.

“It’s a small physically strenuous,” she said.

Wood is anticipating someone in city to set adult something for her to finish a really tip of a mural. She has also reached out to Clinton Public School for seventh and eighth class students to assistance her with some of a mural’s finer sum in a spring.

She is anticipating to have many of a picture finished by a finish of May in time for a 150th anniversary picnic.

“The 150th elect would like it to be good underway if not roughly finished by a finish of May since they wish to have a city cruise incorporated with a picnic,” Wood said.

She skeleton to take advantage of any day where a heat is above 40 degrees to work on a picture and hopes to have it totally finished by a summer of subsequent year.

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