Containment postmortem: [Spoiler] talks that distressing death

July 6, 2016 - Picnic Time

Spoiler alert: This post contains sum from a Jul 5 part of Containment. Read during your possess risk.

For 11 episodes, Jake and Katie’s adore story blossomed on The CW’s Containment … until a drastic act found Katie in a lethal situation. In an try to save one of her students, she engaged a virus, and in final night’s episode, she took her final breath. 

EW spoke with Kristen Gutoskie about observant goodbye to Katie.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did we find out Katie was going to die?
 When we got a commander they told me that in a strange array Katie upheld away, and afterwards they pronounced they were determining either or not they were going to do it. But afterwards when we indeed got picked adult to series, we found out before we shot a rest of a episodes. They gave me a good pleasantness call. [Laughs.] So we knew flattering good in allege before we shot anything really.

You spent a lot of time coughing adult blood in this episode…
[Laughs.] It was like a minty cough syrup, if we can review it to anything. we trust they make it out of corn syrup, though they supplement packet to it to make it ambience a small bit better. It wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t beguiling carrying it all over my neck and face for hours on end. we was adhering to everything, so that was a plea while eating and carrying my hair done. [Laughs.]

How did we ready for that final minute. Did we investigate hemorrhaging?
I didn’t do hemorrhaging investigate actually. we did a lot of feeling work with what being ill feels like so that it can kind of run in a credentials as against to implicating that I’m sick. But in terms of a final scene, we only kind of did my possess thing with it. Because it was a new pathogen combined in a show, a genocide could be a possess entity rather than looking adult other diseases. we only used my premonition on that one. we also did finish adult choking on a blood in one take and I’m flattering certain that’s a one they used since we was fibbing on my back. we was choking and we was like, “Okay, this is going to be unequivocally authentic.” [Laughs.]

You went super method!
Yeah, we went super method. [Laughs.]

That whole hour was so taxing. What was a many formidable stage to film?
It was unequivocally unequivocally tough to do a stage with Quentin since Zachary Unger, who plays Quentin, it was so heartbreakingly truthful. It was unequivocally emotional. It was unequivocally tough for me not to cry in that scene, and we attempted so tough not to since we felt it was critical to keep it together for him. But it was so tough since he was so guileless and pleasing and real. 

When Jake binds her…
Brutal, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s so aroused though also unequivocally beautiful…
That’s a Julie Plec formula. She knows how to mangle your heart while creation it stunningly pleasing during a same time, so we can’t take a lot of credit for that. we only kind of spasmed a little. [Laughs.] It was kind of a churned tension moment. You feel unequivocally dark, though during a same time, a lot of love, too. we consider that’s a indicate of scenes like that: It creates we feel unequivocally emotional, though during a same time afterwards we competence wish to go cuddle a desired one.

Was your interpretation of that final impulse that Katie was devising a lick in her head?
I consider it would be a homogeneous of going to a white light when we pass away. we consider it was her small dream manifesting itself. we consider that was substantially a impulse where, as she’s passing, a pain’s left divided and she can go to a happy place. So we consider that was radically her happy place. 

That’s so lovely.
Yeah, had it had a few some-more seconds I’m certain Quentin would, well, maybe not jumped in — that would’ve been inappropriate, that would’ve been weird. “Quentin, get out.” [Laughs.] But maybe it would’ve transitioned into some arrange of friendly family picnic. 

How ungainly was it to film a strange showering lick by a cosmetic curtain?
It was engaging since they creatively had a unequivocally thick showering curtain, and we was like, “Guys, we need to let them get a small closer.” So they went and transposed it with a reduction ambiguous showering curtain. Love scenes are mostly unequivocally awkward, showering screen or not. And a showering curtain, it’s like a full physique condom barrier. [Laughs.]

I was tender we could even find any other’s lips!
[Laughs.] It took a few strike and misses. There was some hearing and blunder while shooting. It’s like, “Oh, what’s that? That’s your ear? I’m so contemptible Chris, let’s try that again.”

Why do we feel it was critical for Katie to have this adore story before she died?
Katie was always a lady who didn’t have a dreams come true. Quentin was a dream come loyal for her. Any child is going to be a present to your life, though in terms of a small girl’s dreams of maybe creation song and descending in adore — I don’t consider she ever unequivocally got that. Her attribute with Quentin’s father was unequivocally violent and they got concerned with drugs and she had instability with her mental health. She never unequivocally had anything for herself. we consider it was so critical for her to get that opportunity. It’s critical for her to have that to comprehend she was friendly and could adore somebody else again and someone who would provide her well. She grew so most via a season. Whether it was descending in adore or being a favourite and putting herself first, she schooled a lot about herself. When you’re bustling being a mom and a teacher, we don’t unequivocally have a time to concentration on those things. 

Containment front Tuesdays during 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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