Cost of cruise preserve raises questions

September 18, 2014 - Picnic Time

By the numbers

$116,000 Revised cost guess of a Edgecliff Park cruise preserve replacement project

$65,000 Original estimate, that does not embody dispersion and other costs

20 by 40 Dimensions in feet of a designed picnic shelter

$80,000 Cost of a smaller cruise preserve built a integrate of years ago during Terrace View Park did not embody demolition costs

Plans to reinstate an aging cruise preserve during Edgecliff Park are using into a potential obstacle.

The revised cost guess has climbed 78 percent to $116,000, call Spokane Valley officials to put construction of a designed 20-by-40 feet preserve on hold. The check will give City Council members time to confirm either to throw a devise or pencil in an additional $51,000 so it can be finished early next year.

“I’m only staggered during a cost of a shelter,” pronounced Deputy Mayor Arne Woodard, a genuine estate attorney and developer who remarkable that he supports a parks though was carrying problem bargain how an 800-square-foot free-standing roof could be so expensive.

“Does this have a kitchen and lavatory and closed-in sides on it?” he asked, adding, “You could build a house… and we’ve got insulation, we have windows, we have doors we have sidewalls, we have basements.”

Parks Director Mike Stone pronounced a preserve would embody electrical use though no kitchen, bathrooms or enclosed walls.

“I know it seems like a extensive volume of money,” pronounced Stone, observant that park shelters have to be built sturdier than a standard residential home since they tend to continue most heavier open use. “If legislature decides not to pierce brazen with this, we understand that.”

The cruise preserve was among a array of designed parks projects from this year that a Valley is deliberation pulling into next year.

Others embody construction of additional silt volleyball courts during Browns Park since of astonishing additional costs, including growth of a new master devise for a park and topographical maps. A designed shade structure during Discovery Park and paving during a Old Mission trailhead also are on hold.

Contributing to a problems, officials say, was a further of dual unbudgeted and random vital projects that were combined to a parks dialect this year, including a preference to pull brazen with execution of a widen of a Appleway Trail between University and Pines roads.

The legislature will confirm in a months forward while building a 2015 bill that of a projects will be pushed to next year.

The cruise preserve during Edgecliff Park creatively was approaching to be finished this year during an estimated cost of about $65,000.

But a consultant hired by a city to assistance devise a devise put a sum cost most higher. Stone pronounced a strange guess unsuccessful to take into comment combined costs from dispersion of a existent structure, site credentials and designation of a corridor that meets a Americans with Disabilities Act mandate and upgraded electrical service.

The devise is to squeeze a pre-engineered kit, that will cost about $30,000, and sinecure a conctractor to build a tradition petrify pad, afterwards finish a structure atop it.

The city built a smaller cruise preserve during Terrace View Park a integrate years ago for about $80,000 though that devise didn’t have dispersion costs, Stone said.

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