Could Fashion’s Runway Romance With Victoriana Kick-Start a Laura Ashley Revival?

November 30, 2015 - Picnic Time

Fashion’s regenerated adore event with Victoriana—all a puffed sleeves, leg-of-mutton sleeves, and yoked necklines that are advancing over a horizon—has done my mind wandering again to memories of Laura Ashley: large in my propagandize days. we spent an lavish volume of teenage time as one of a unkempt squad of 4 milkmaids who were a priory propagandize renegades. After school, we’d moon around a new Laura Ashley store in a hometown, Bath, England, rifling by a batch of printed smocks and high-necked blouses—which we couldn’t afford. Then, it was off to variety sales during weekends, to estimate a look. We’d quarrel over broderie anglaise Victorian white string nightdresses and camisoles—which we could afterwards measure for a few pence—and afterwards go out and march ourselves barefoot in parks and fields, boring a skirts by a weed and celebration cider illicitly granted by boyfriends. In retrospect, a flattering shining approach to expostulate a nuns and a relatives mad.

laura ashley
laura ashley

Vintage ’70s Victoriana from “Laura Ashley Romantic Heroine” during a Fashion Museum Bath in 2013.

Photo Courtesy of Fashion Museum, Bath

How humorous it is to consider that a second era will be adult to a same tricks this entrance summer. The filter of conform looks to me as if it’s set again during accurately a same Victoriana reconstruction duration that desirous us—the camber of Laura Ashley’s early success, and a spate of regretful dress cinema that ran by a ’70s and early ’80s. All Laura Ashley would need to do to gain on it would be to reissue any of a dresses we used to lust after—anything from a retrospective mounted during a Bath Fashion Museum in 2013 would be spot-on.

laura ashley
laura ashley

Picnic during Hanging Rock, 1975, a Australian poser tragedy that launched a thousand Victorian nighties.

Photo Courtesy of Picnic Productions

Otherwise, might we suggest selected home observation to palliate us into a mood? It’s all there: Picnic during Hanging Rock, 1975 (as quoted by Raf Simons in his swan strain summer collection for Christian Dior); Nastassja Kinski in Roman Polanski’s Tess, 1979; Merchant Ivory Productions’s The Bostonians, 1984; and A Room With a View, 1985. The upshot, we guarantee, will fill many a lady with a obligatory wish of a white Victoriana blouse. Perfect thing for a holidays; ideal thing for removing forward of subsequent spring’s trend. Now, all we have to do is get adult to a integument and find my ’80s store for my daughters . . .

laura ashley
laura ashley

The Bostonians, 1984, a intrigue that went true to a heart of fashion.

Photo Courtesy of Merchant Ivory Productions

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