County gives thumbs adult to city bike trail

January 10, 2015 - Picnic Time

Newly authorized Burlingame track will cut opposite a Red Butte Ranch open space

The Pitkin County Open Space and Trails Board gave capitulation for a construction of a city bike track that will cut opposite a county-owned skill during a assembly on Thursday.

The Burlingame Connector Trail will cranky a Red Butte Ranch Open Space between a housing growth and a Stein Bridge over a Roaring Fork River.

The track will yield an choice track to strech a Stein Trail, assisting to bond a vast commission of a area’s race with trails that might take them into Aspen.

“We’ve listened from Burlingame that they would unequivocally wish a tie down to a Stein Trail,” pronounced Austin Weiss, trails coordinator for a city of Aspen.

He combined that “social trails” are appearing in a area that are remarkable with cairn stones, and deplane during a 25 percent grade, formulating a need for a safer passage.

The 48-inch far-reaching Burlingame track is designed so a steepest territory is usually during a 6 percent grade, Weiss said.

He remarkable that a Aspen Valley Land Trust binds a charge easement on a Red Butte Ranch property, and a organisation submitted a minute of support for a trail, that will assistance bond a whole area.

“To a north you’ve got a Sunnyside Trail dropping down right into a Rio Grande Trail and afterwards joining to a Stein Bridge,” he said. “You can start to prognosticate how this Burlingame Connector Trail can bond Red Mountain to Sky Mountain Park and Buttermilk.”

But while a new track was unanimously authorized as a “use unchanging with a county’s ownership,” a pattern for one of dual designed parks in a area was sent behind for changes before a house would give it their thumbs up.

OST house questions landscaping during due park

A due park, that would implement some of a Red Butte Ranch Open Space for a grass area during Burlingame, ran into antithesis during Thursday’s assembly for carrying Kentucky bluegrass in a landscaping design.

“That’s a Kentucky bluegrass lawn, what’s a purpose of it?” inquired OST house member Tai Jacober. “It seems to me that we shouldn’t be compelling Kentucky bluegrass lawns in a West anymore.”

Fellow house member Hawk Greenway sided with Jacober on his condemnation of a bluegrass grass area.

“I’m not gentle commendatory a acclimatisation of open space to park, in one meeting, with one presentation, though a site visit,” he said. “I have questions about a bluegrass as well. I’d like to have some-more time to get my conduct around it.”

The park’s pattern includes a “leisurely” loop track around an irrigation pool that serves re-use (gray) H2O apprehension purposes. The park would also underline a tiny shade preserve for cruise tables, elaborate gardens, as good as a open lawn.

Weiss pronounced city staff met with AVLT executive Martha Cochran and stewardship executive Connor Coleman to pronounce about a park, that crosses into AVLT’s easement.

“There are supplies for picnicking and cruise areas within a charge easement,” Weiss added.

Steve Cronin, landscape engineer for a city’ parks department, pronounced that residents have asked for a basketball justice in park one, as good as shade areas, though remarkable that those facilities wouldn’t be on open space skill or a easement.

“The open grass was requested by AVLT to keep as an open space area,” he noted.

The preference on a park was tabled until a Jan. 22 corner open space and trails assembly between a county and city.

Weiss remarkable Friday that a parks dialect has already discussed a reduction “water-intensive” choice to Kentucky bluegrass.

Trails on Buttermilk discussed

Weiss pronounced that as partial of a Upper Roaring Fork Valley trails plan, adding entrance on Buttermilk Mountain would be a outrageous advantage to outward enthusiasts outward of winter.

“One of a things that we’re unequivocally looking really severely during is a event for additional recreational trails on Buttermilk, either they are equestrian, hiking or biking,” Weiss pronounced Thursday. “This starts to tie all of these together in a neat small package.”

On Friday, he pronounced that a parks dialect has oral with a Aspen Skiing Co., and that they voiced support for a idea.

But he combined that a trails devise still needs to be adopted and a city would have to work with a feds to get any trails authorized during a site.

“Certainly, Buttermilk has been a concentration for trails in that plan,” Weiss pronounced Friday. “The reduce portions are owned by SkiCo, though any trails there would entail a sovereign routine given a top portions are on Forest Service land.”

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