Cramer: When a marketplace woe will end

January 20, 2016 - Picnic Time

No. 1, a Fed needs to change it account that it skeleton to travel seductiveness rates no matter what. The marketplace can't hoop it right now.

No. 2, a domestic doubt needs to solve itself. Cramer has watched a domestic dogfights that any presidential claimant is carrying right now and does not consider it will be good news for a batch market, formed on what he is hearing.

No. 3, China hasn’t spotless adult a act, yet. Instead, it’s gotten worse! The information has turn some-more disastrous and a batch marketplace is in bear-market territory.

No. 4, Cramer wanted to see a commodity bottom. Again, that has usually turn most worse.

No. 5, oil had to stabilize, and it has continued in free-fall.

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No. 6, a geopolitical conditions had to improve. Cramer combined this box in light of a new news from North Korea detonating an H-bomb. That conditions has gotten better, though a rest of a universe isn’t accurately a cruise right now.

No. 7, Cramer pronounced zombie companies contingency be put to death. No companies have filed for failure yet, even with so many stretched change sheets out there.

No. 8, Cramer was anticipating for a service from a clever dollar. Instead, it has turn misfortune and a dollar is mountainous opposite many currencies.

No. 9, there indispensable to be a healthy partnership and merger market. Yet many investors consider a time of deals has peaked.

No. 10, Cramer wanted a lapse of a healthy IPO market. There haven’t even been any IPOs, and a ones that came out during year finish have been crushed.

No. 11, Cramer was fearful that genuine peaks in a economy were happening. Cramer has been repelled during how bad a housing marketplace has turn and thinks we could be during rise for cellphones.

No. 12, there indispensable to be a worsening in batch marketplace sentiment. This one is during slightest checked off.

No. 13, there had to be some-more zone care to enlarge over FANG: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet. No new care has flush nonetheless to reinstate FANG.

No. 14, finally, Cramer had to see an enlargement of a favorite bonds list. He was looking for an alleviation of a bonds of domestic companies with no clever dollar bearing to advantage from low gasoline prices. That hasn’t happened yet, either.

“You eyeball a boxes, and other than a disastrous sentiment, we simply can’t make a box that we have any other box checked,” Cramer said.

That does not meant that a marketplace can't bounce, though it does meant that there is still a lot of work to be finished before Cramer is prepared to make a box that a genuine marketplace bottom has been put in.

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