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May 1, 2015 - Picnic Time

Avengers: Age of Ultron

If we are a fan of cinema with with a lot of explosions, this is your kind of flick. All your favorite Avengers are back, along with some new ones, as they conflict a immorality drudge Ultron. Whatever we do, don’t get adult for popcorn when Iron Man and Hulk conflict it out, it’s MARVEL-OUS! The Avenges: Age of Ultron is now personification and creation billions.

Mad Max Fury Road

Tom Hardy wears a leather pants of a highway soldier in this latest installment. Not many has changed, it’s a not-too-distant dystopian future, when man’s many changed apparatus — oil — has been depleted and a star plunges into horsepower complicated insanity. To me a any installment of Fast Furious meets a finish of a world. Mad Max Fury Road opens May 15.

Pitch Perfect 2

Wasn’t Pitch Perfect only ideal enough? As one of my wife’s favorite flicks, I’ve been forced to lay by this several times and while we might have squirmed in my male chair during initial we can now play some meant cups. This time, The Barden Bellas enter an general a cappella competition, that no American group has ever won, and if they don’t win it we can sullen design Pitch Perfect 3: The Wild Pitch”. we need to copyright that ASAP. Pitch Perfect 2 harmonizes into theaters May 15.

It's looking like 2015 could be a geekiest movieThor (Chris Hemsworth), Tony Stark/Iron Man (RobertMia Wasikowska in a theatre from a suit design CrimsonNON-EXCLUSIVE FOR USE WITH 2015 PREVIEW Chris PrattEXCLUSIVE FOR USE WITH 2015 PREVIEW Colin Firth inEXCLUSIVE FOR USE WITH 2015 PREVIEWTom Hardy, as MaxIArmie Hammer, left, Alicia Vikander and Henry CavillDaisy Ridley in a theatre from a trailer for a 2015Britt Robertson in a theatre from a suit picturePaul Rudd's Scott Lang is a opposite kind of hero

Disney’s Tomorrowland

As a Disney annual pass hilt we might be a small inequitable on this one though we can’t wait to see this! It’s Interstellar meets Buzz Lightyear as a former boy-genius and a means teen set out on a dangerous goal to unearth a secrets of “Tomorrowland”. Let’s wish Disney doesn’t give us another John Carter. Tomorrowland opens May 22.

Jurassic World

Dinosaurs follow people, dinosaurs eat people, let’s make some-more money. Just about 22 years after a original, John Hammond’s dream entirely executed with a review park, hotels, golf courses, 20,000 visitors daily oh and they’re surrounded by dinosaurs. Hey, who left that embankment open? Jurassic World chomps into theaters Jun 12.

Ted 2

The tainted mouth articulate teddy bear and Mark Walberg are back! This time newlywed integrate Ted and Tami-Lynn wish to have a baby, though in sequence to validate to be a parent, Ted will have to infer he’s a chairman in a court-of-law. we burst adult during a trailer though we also like hit hit jokes. Ted 2 opens Jun 26.

Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys gives us a same simple plot: Send behind Kyle Reese to strengthen Sarah Conner from a terminator though this time when Kyle goes behind Sarah is not a bashful waitress, she’s a flog boundary commando and has Arnold for a protector. It’s a fractured time line that mixes both plots from a initial dual Terminators. I’m vehement given James Cameron wrote a screenplay though earlier or after somebody has to figure out Skynet is only another Apple product and no matter how many times we bite, they’ll be a Skynet 7.0 in 6 months with some-more camera pixels and a bigger screen. Terminator Genisys opens Jun 26.

Magic Mike XXL

Really, Magic Mike, do we indeed consider we have a idea about a initial one other than Channing Tatum was in it? Dudes strip, we favourite it, they done a sequel…what some-more do we need to know? Okay, this is a approach duplicate and paste; Three years after he late from stripping, Mike (Channing Tatum) reunites with a rest of a Kings of Tampa for a blow-out final opening in Myrtle Beach, S.C. You speak about a no-brainer though apparently if a film make $167 million dollars star far-reaching and had a bill of 7 million afterwards by God we lift your pants up, or down and make a sequel. Magic Mike XXL hits a theatre and theaters Jul 1.


How lovable are a banana made altogether wearing minions of Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2? Cute adequate to get their possess film and deservedly so, they’re awesomely funny. This is a prequel and a minions are in hunt of a master to offer given this has been their solitary purpose given a commencement of time. They contest to offer Scarlet Overkill uttered by Sandra Bullock. The Minions waddle into theaters Jun 18.


MARVEL can seem to do no wrong though are they dire their fitness with Ant Man? The tip to a good comic book film is we don’t have to be a fan of a comics to suffer and so distant so good though a superhero who has a ability to cringe to a distance of an any while still receiving superhuman strength and can also authority ants, “Okay Ants get me that cake from that cruise over there”. Paul Rudd plays Ant Man and crawls into theaters Jul 16.

Fantastic 4

More MARVEL, some-more income though will Fantastic 4 tumble plant to too many too shortly like Spider-Man did? This is only a reboot so zero new, 4 immature outsiders acquire extraordinary abilities after a outing to an swap star changes their earthy forms in variable ways. Dr. Doom is a bad man and unless they unequivocally adult a movement we might not see many some-more of a illusory 4, I’m anticipating they know a comic book assembly needs many some-more clobbering time. Fantastic 4 flies into theaters Jul 30.

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