Creatively joining toys with philately: Malaysian stamps showcase Lego brand

April 10, 2018 - Picnic Time

Philatelic Foreword by Jay Bigalke

Finding a philatelic approach to overpass a generational opening can infrequently be difficult, or it can be easy depending on a stamp’s subject.

For instance, Malaysia released 6 stamps featuring Legos and children’s holiday activities Dec. 4, 2017, in and with Stamp Week. These building bricks sojourn renouned some-more than 80 years after a Lego Group was founded in Denmark in 1932. The association launched a cosmetic Lego section in a benefaction form 60 years ago, in 1958. The initial Legoland thesis park non-stop in Denmark 10 years later.

The sixth Legoland thesis park, Legoland Malaysia, distinguished a fifth anniversary in 2017. Other Legolands are located in England, Germany, Dubai, Japan, and a United States (California and Florida).

The 6 Malaysian stamps, any denominated 60 sen, are se-tenant (side-by-side) in a mirror of 36. In addition, a stamps were released in apart panes of 10 with a vast selvage display scenes of Legoland Malaysia.

The stamps etch Legoland characters, and children and their families intent in several activities. Inscriptions on a stamps report these as peculiarity time, H2O activities, cruise time, sightseeing, impassioned activities and recreation. The surfer shown on one stamp and a fondle solider on another are identical to Lego total that have been sole by a Lego Group.

Combining a set of these stamps, or other Lego stamps, with a set of Lego bricks can make an glorious present for a child.

For reference, Denmark, a Isle of Man and Sweden have released Lego-related stamps. Two of these stamps are partial of a 1989 Europa array featuring children’s toys: A Danish stamp depicts dual red two-by-four bricks (Scott 871), and a stamp from a Isle of Man shows a child building a installation regulating what seem to be Lego bricks (397).

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One stamp in Sweden’s Toy pamphlet released in 2000 depicts a red and yellow Lego car, (Scott 2400f). In 2016, Denmark released dual some-more stamps that uncover Lego blocks and minifigures (1703-1704).

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