Crowds group to Head of a Charles

October 19, 2014 - Picnic Time

Locals and visitors, rowers and passersby comparison flocked to a shores, pavilions, and bridges of a Charles River on Saturday for a 50th annual Head of a Charles Regatta.

The event, that frequently draws thousands of spectators, brought people to a postponement during many spots along a 2.5-mile widen of water.

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Gary and Jo Guerrieri sat on a wharf during a MIT Pierce Boathouse, examination as teams queued adult on a river. The couple, from Grand Isle, Vt., was enjoying their fifth late-October weekend examination their son, Alex, a coxswain.

“It’s an eventuality with so most tradition,” Jo Guerrieri said. “There’s only something about it that draws people in.”

Her father added: “There’s camaraderie, there’s drama, there’s a bit of all in these weekends.”

He marveled during a classification of a event, that brings together thousands of rowers from around a world.

“If there are ever any hitches, they’re hidden,” he said.

Having gifted their satisfactory share of poor-weather weekends, a integrate was enjoying a calm afternoon. “We’ve been here before with prolonged johns on,” Gary Guerrieri said.

Clare Crowell, of Norwell, took in a regatta with kin visiting from Connecticut. They rode on bicycles to “cover some-more territory” along a Esplanade. “It’s a good event for a family gathering,” she said. “I like that people come from all over a world.”

Barbara York and her husband, David Adair, of Burlington, Vt., were flitting by Boston on their approach to Greece. They walked along a Charles and stopped during a Boston University Bridge to watch a boats pass beneath.

“It’s only so good aesthetically — it’s poetic to watch such fluid, concurrent transformation on a river,” York said.

The captivate was rather opposite for Meaghan Bolduc, who changed to South Boston final year, and Nina Desimone, who only changed to Somerville. They set adult a cruise lunch on a Cambridge side of a river, not so most to watch a boats, though some-more so a immature group in them.

“We’re looking for where they get out of a boats,” quipped Desimone, who creatively suspicion it was a sailing regatta.

“It seems to be a flattering large understanding around here so we motionless to check it out,” Bolduc said. “It’s unequivocally ‘yuppie’ — to only lay by a H2O and watch. But we’re unequivocally enjoying it.”

At a beckoning of their BU alum daughter, Ali and Fariba Mofrad came from South Carolina to watch a races with friends during Magazine Beach.

“There’s a genuine clarity of story here,” Ali Mofrad said, “an aged tradition carried over from another country.”

Her crony Manijeh Goldberg lives in Cambridge, though had never been to a Head of a Charles.

“Now, we feel like we should be here some-more often. As locals we tend to get bustling with things and forget to suffer a things right here in front of us,” she said.

William Saunders, of London, who competed with a Thames River Rowing Club on Saturday morning and was examination races from a Esplanade on a Boston side, remarkable how a Head of a Charles differs from other rowing regattas, that he pronounced can be “quite dull.”

“A lot of unfamiliar crews are interested. It’s always a good prolonged weekend and we can build out time in a city,” Saunders said.

“The pull is a rowing, though it’s also Boston.”

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