Crystal Picnic is a complicated reverence to classical movement RPGs

October 22, 2016 - Picnic Time

A spiteful gardener. A bumbling, wanna-be knight. Crystal-stealing ants. Ants that went crazy after hidden crystals. If we consider that genuine life today is crazy, diversion developers can still find a approach to make practical games even crazier. Crystal Picnic is a new “lighthearted and colorful” role-playing diversion that indeed pays reverence to a classical movement RPGs that we substantially enjoyed during a heyday (if we were already alive that time). It is now accessible for your Android inclination from a Google Play Store.

So a diversion is all about a garden and a horseman that are regulating after a ants that stole sorcery crystals from a castle. However, a diversion becomes some-more difficult given a ants have indeed left insane given they were eating a crystals. So we need to conflict with these crazy ants, try to get as many sorcery crystals as we can (well, those that they haven’t eaten yet), and quarrel even some-more enemies that you’ll accommodate along a way. Don’t worry, you’ll also confront friends that can assistance with your quest.


From a “plot” itself, you’ll comprehend that it is indeed a really humorous diversion filled bizarre things like corpulent birds and ants carrying bazookas. It has a lot of RPG elements and they come in neat pixel graphics packages, giving it a classical feel it’s going for. You get to rivet in real-time battles regulating platform-style combat.


You can download Crystal Picnic from a Google Play Store for usually $1.99, with no some-more in-app purchases needed. It usually has a flattering tiny download distance and is playable in English, French, and German.

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