Dawg Bites: Flipping a tassel, ranking open diversion attendance, early play projections

May 8, 2016 - Picnic Time

Our daughter Olivia’s undergrad days during a University of Georgia come to an finish this week.

UGA DadHer final examination is set for Tuesday, and her extended family will accumulate in Athens for a special lunch and afterwards Friday evening’s derivation rite during Sanford Stadium, that we know now includes fireworks! One thing that hasn’t altered given my day: You still flip a tassel on your mortarboard after you’re strictly announced a connoisseur by UGA’s president.

Graduating from UGA is something of a King family tradition, not startling given my relatives lifted their 3 boys in Athens. But Olivia will be a final of her era of a family to get a diploma during a state’s flagship university, following in a footsteps of a integrate of cousins and her hermit Bill (who has dual degrees from UGA).

Her 4 years in Athens have flown by; it doesn’t seem all that prolonged ago that Livvy and her mom were attending beginner march and a daughter was readying to start college life.

I asked her to name some of a highlights of her time as a Bulldog and they embody creation it by a 24-hour UGA Miracle dance marathon; going to nationals in Wisconsin with a Dawgma women’s Ultimate Frisbee team; vital on her possess in Athens in a residence circuitously campus a summer after her beginner year; spending 6 weeks in Rome as partial of UGA’s summer study-abroad program; volunteering weekly during Athens Regional Medical Center; personification in sleet on campus; open breaks during a beach; eating during all a dining halls (including both a aged and new Bolton); removing to try a Athens grill and bar scene, including such favorites as Mama’s Boy, Trappeze, Clocked, Ike and Jane and Creature Comforts; removing to watch a film while sitting on a margin during a 50-yard line of Sanford Stadium; a Friendsgiving entertainment in 2014; attending a Twilight Criterium in downtown Athens; and only unresolved out with all a friends she’s made.

Olivia King during a UGA football game. (Special)
Olivia King during a UGA football game. (Special)

Of course, deliberation her origin it’s not startling that Georgia football has been a large partial of Livvy’s tyro experience. She was customarily among a initial in line to get into a tyro gates for home games (she elite being in one of a much-in-demand lover-level sections subsequent to a band), and she done a trek to Jacksonville her youth year (though she says she indeed enjoyed a knowledge some-more her comparison year when she and some friends stayed in Savannah and watched a Georgia-Florida diversion with other UGA fans there).

Among her favorite football memories are being in a assembly for ESPN’s “GameDay” on a Myers Quad before a Georgia-LSU conflict in 2013, and a Murray-vs.-Mett conflict that followed, with Aaron Murray throwing 4 touchdown passes as a No. 9 Dawgs kick a No. 6 Tigers in a 44-41 thriller. The win over South Carolina that year is another of her football highlights, as is a win over Auburn in Athens a subsequent year, that Livvy called “the Waffle House bowl,” given giveaway Waffle House food was betrothed to whichever propagandize won. Another favorite memory (and a choice that competence warn some longtime fans) was final season’s Georgia Southern overtime game, that she pronounced was “too tighten for comfort, though it was value staying until a end.”

With Livvy’s time during UGA flourishing short, we done a special weekday outing over to Athens recently to have lunch with her during Snelling Hall, her favorite dining hall, where she once ate boiled duck with Todd Gurley.

Dad and daughter outward UGA's Snelling Hall. (Special)
Dad and daughter outward UGA’s Snelling Hall. (Special)

One of a things Livvy has always raved about during Snelling are removing hugs from Miss Sandra, her favorite cashier. we wound adult also removing a cuddle from Miss Sandra, who took a time to tell me what a swain Livvy is.

After lunch, we strolled to a circuitously UGA Creamery for an ice cream provide (ticking off another object in Livvy’s G Book of UGA traditions she’s participated in).

I had regaled my daughter with lustful memories of how, when we was a youngster, Athens moms throwing birthday parties for their kids customarily went to a UGA Dairy for ice cream done from divert that came from a university’s possess herd. we also remember going on propagandize margin trips to a UGA Dairy. So, we was astounded to find we were served Mayfield during a Creamery, not a provide of my childhood!

(It turns out, a creamery that used to be on a UGA campus was sealed years ago due to bill cuts. The animal and dairy scholarship module still has a plantation in Athens that is used to assistance learn undergraduate students a scholarship and government aspects of dairy production, though UGA no longer has dairy estimate facilities; all a divert from a plantation is sole to a dairy estimate co-op.)

No matter, even if it wasn’t ice cream done on campus, it was still a excellent approach to spend an afternoon with my daughter.

Sitting there, during a cruise list underneath a trees in front of a Creamery, examination students travel by on a stately open day, we consider we fell in adore with a Athens campus only a small bit some-more … as if that were even possible!


I had a note from reader Charlie Dooley wondering how a Dawgs’ new G-Day diversion central assemblage of 93,000 ranked nationally among this year’s college open games.

Ludacris warming adult 93,000 before a G-Day game. (Olivia King / special)
Ludacris warming adult 93,000 before a G-Day game. (Olivia King / special)

Based on a assemblage total announced and accessible online, UGA appears to have come in second place behind Ohio State, that claimed 100,189 during a game.

Behind Georgia: Alabama (76,212), Nebraska (72,992), Tennessee (67,027), Penn State (65,000), Michigan State (51,000), Clemson (50,000), Florida State (49,913), Florida (46,000), Auburn (45,723, Virginia Tech (44,700) and Oklahoma (42,436).

Among other schools of interest, South Carolina drew 32,916 and LSU had 21,000.


It’s all quite guesswork during this point, though we came opposite a integrate of post-spring use early play diversion projections this week.

One listing, published by CampusInsiders and College Football News, projects Georgia to accommodate Wisconsin in a Citrus Bowl on New Year’s Eve in Orlando.

Saturday Down South also sees Georgia in a Citrus Bowl, though adult opposite Michigan State.

And another early play projection, from Bleacher Report, sees Georgia personification Houston in a Cotton Bowl on Jan. 2 in Arlington, Texas.

If zero else, these projections uncover how some observers design Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs to do in his initial season.

What about it Dawgs fans, would a Citrus or a Cotton be an excusable finish to Smart’s initial debate as UGA’s conduct coach? And if we design improved than that, feel giveaway to tell us why!

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Junkyard Blawg mugBill King is an Athens local and a connoisseur of a University of Georgia’s Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. A lifelong Bulldogs fan, he sole programs during Sanford Stadium as a teen and has been a football deteriorate sheet hilt given withdrawal school. He has worked during a AJC given college and spent 10 years as a Constitution’s stone song censor before relocating into duplicate modifying on a aged afternoon Journal. In further to blogging, he’s now a story editor.

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