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February 5, 2017 - Picnic Time

Big Bend of a Colorado State Recreation Area is a must-see. Handily located during a southern tip of Nevada, a park was determined in 1996, on a Colorado River south of Laughlin’s Casino Drive.

The stream takes core theatre in a park. You can hang out on sandy beaches, swim, picnic, fish along a banks or launch your boat. The park has about 2 miles of shoreline including some riparian areas, nonetheless when divided from a water, many of a park is forested with mesquite and invasive tamarisk.

Swimming is generally good here, with areas set off from a river’s categorical channel providing reserve from a clever current. And purify internal water, giveaway of sea salt and chlorine, is a pleasure in itself.

This is a outing best done in late winter or early spring. It is warmer here than in Las Vegas, maybe 5 to 10 degrees, as a betterment is usually 500 feet or so. Expect daily high temperatures in a 70s and low 80s over a subsequent month.

Bird examination is glorious here. Great blue herons mostly travel a shoreline seeking an easy snack, hawks soar over a canyons to a west looking for food and phainopepla find out a splendid red berries of a dried mistletoe, a parasitic plant that grows prolifically in a mesquite. Besides these avian celebrities, you’ll see a far-reaching accumulation of waterfowl and songbirds.

There is a network of about 4 miles of hiking trails in a park, trimming from a paved 0.2-mile Riverside Loop to a healthy silt aspect of a 1.4-mile Big Sandy Loop. For some-more adventure, conduct to a west side of Needles Highway, opposite from a opening station. Here we will find glorious canyons to explore. There are no determined trails in these imperishable hills, though that creates them all a some-more interesting. You competence even see some dried bighorn sheep.

While a categorical channel here, a Colorado River, is renouned with speedboats and jet skis, a many shoal backwaters along a banks lend themselves to tighten investigation around a vessel or canoe.

The campground has 24 sites, accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. All are versed with hookups for water, electric and sewer, and many can accommodate even a largest recreational vehicle. Each site also has a space for tent camping, a shade ramada, a griddle grill and a glow pit. There also are lavatory and showering facilities.

Day use is $9 per vehicle, with an additional assign of $15 if we launch a boat. Camping is $20 or $26 per night, a latter including a vessel launch. There’s an additional $10 assign if we use a RV hookups. Nevada residents accept $2 off many fees.

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