Disabled oldster could face jail time for portrayal cruise table

August 19, 2015 - Picnic Time

Triplett is a infirm Marine veteran.

Triplett embellished a cruise list behind his unit white.

Triplett was vital during Potomac Ridge Apartments when he embellished a cruise table.

Potomac Ridge Apartments did not lapse requests for comment.

Jail time for portrayal a cruise table.

That is what 53-year aged Woodbridge male Mickey Triplett could face after his justice conference on Aug 24.

Triplett is a infirm Marine maestro and 22-year late Washington D.C. corrections officer, who was vital in a Potomac Ridge Apartments off of Woodmark Drive when a occurrence took place.

“My granddaughter was entrance down from North Carolina, and we suspicion I’d be it would be good of me to paint a deteriorating list that they had in a behind of my apartment. Now we should’ve asked permission, though we figured given it was rotten, and descending apart, we would do something nice. we had formerly been raking leaves, and perplexing to make certain snakes weren’t out there,” pronounced Triplett.

According to Prince William County General District Court documents, Triplett has been charged with drop of property, for portrayal a list white.

Triplett offering to paint a list behind to a strange color, or have it energy washed, though he settled that government refused and demanded he squeeze a new table. Management did not tell him a cost of replacing a table, though due to his fixed-income, he would doubtful be means to compensate for it.

After a incident, Triplett was also told that he had to leave his apartment.

Triplett settled that before to a occurrence he had sealed a request fluctuating his franchise for another 6 months, though that government told him that he had not sealed such a request and that he had to leave by Sep 1.

Volunteers of America, a faith-based non-profit worked with Triplett to get him into Meridian Bay Apartments on Fox Lair Drive in Woodbridge.

Virginia Code § 18.2-137 states that drop of skill is a category 1 misconduct – definition that he could have to compensate a $2,500 excellent or offer adult to a year in jail.

More on a assign from a Virginia Code:

B. If any chairman intentionally causes such injury, he shall be guilty of (i) a Class 1 misconduct if a value of or repairs to a property, commemorative or relic is reduction than $1,000 or (ii) a Class 6 transgression if a value of or repairs to a property, commemorative or relic is $1,000 or more. The volume of detriment caused by a destruction, defacing, repairs or dismissal of such property, commemorative or relic might be determined by explanation of a satisfactory marketplace cost of correct or satisfactory marketplace deputy value. Upon conviction, a justice might sequence that a suspect compensate restitution.

A Prince William military officer came to Triplett’s home on Jul 8, though did not detain him, and instead released him a summons.

“A military officer came and said, ‘Hey, it looks alright to me’ and wouldn’t detain me,” Triplett said.

When Potomac Local spoke with Triplett, he was frightened about a intensity outcome of his hearing.

“I’m a retired, infirm veteran. I’m diabetic. we recently had a baby toe removed…I don’t know what I’m going to do,” pronounced Triplett.

Potomac Ridge Apartments, that is managed by Klingbeil Capital Management, did not lapse requests for comment.

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  1. Mark Worrilow says:

    I am a REALTOR and late Navy Vet, what can we do to assistance Mr. Triplett?


    • Mickey Triplett says:

      Anything we can do will support me, greatfully hit me during 540-628-5040.


      Email sent on interest of Mr. TRIPLETT

      • Josh Culp says:

        Mark will take caring of him!

  2. Yadira says:

    really? Come on shoot! Wife of late CW2 of 22 years served a U.S. Army
    How can we help

  3. Rt. 1 raider says:

    We doesn’t Paul Ebert only get concerned and chuck a box out?

  4. Edwin Roario says:

    I was a upstairs neighbor of mr triplett before he was forced out and in my time meaningful him found him to be a good male always courtious and kind and do not determine in a demeanour he was evicted i trust he was forced out in sequence for a formidable to renevate and lift a lease that in my eyes is a really disrespectfull approach to provide anyone generally a infirm veteran. As i to am a infirm maestro going thru a identical conditions carrying been thru a dire collision 10 months ago i am incompetent to work do to my injuries and am watchful for my amicable confidence interest to be seen by a courts and each possibility government gets they use a same brag strategy on myself to try to force me out meaningful a conditions I’m in . But interjection to a beauty of God ive managed to keep me and my family from being homeless no interjection to them means they offer no form of lee approach theory thats a interjection i get for being a proprietor for 9 years

  5. Robert G says:

    Ebert can't this it out though he can ask a decider to nothing routine a charges when they come up.

  6. Betty A says:

    this is only so wrong a we whole universe has left crazy

  7. Betty A says:

    this is only so wrong a whole universe has left crazy

  8. Debra Lavikoff says:

    Can we greatfully set adult a go comment me account?! This is a kind of thing that needs to stop. Mistreating vets is going to land them on a news station!! Has anyone called yet!?

  9. G. Grinkley says:

    The Disabled Veteran should have been given a warning. we feel a Apartment Management should have been blissful a cruise list was painted.

  10. C Berry says:

    Mr. Triplett’s conference is scheduled for Aug 24, 2015 during 9 a.m., during a PWC General District Court in Courtroom 4. The building is located during 9311 Lee Avenue, Manassas, VA. If anyone, has privately seen a cruise list and a surrounding area, or even improved lives in a unit complex; we would like to pronounce with we about presumably being a declare for his case.

  11. Jason Pelt says:

    My law organisation will offer giveaway authorised services to Mr. Triplett in a invulnerability of this case. Goodall, Pelt Carper, P.C. 540-659-3130

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