Do Stripper Conventions Really Exist? And More Burning Questions from Magic …

July 3, 2015 - Picnic Time

It’s time to get behind to a grind.

The boys with a thing for thongs have returned in a hotly expected supplement Magic Mike XXL, and this time apparently, bigger is better.

So big, in fact, that a sophomore tour – that reunites expel friends Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez and Kevin Nash – finds a buddies embarking on an epic highway outing to their unequivocally possess striperrific Shangri-La: a large stripper convention.

Along a way, they shelve adult some-more than their share of booty-shaking shenanigans – not to discuss a slew of blazing questions.

Let’s try to expose some of those Magic tricks, shall we?

Do stripper conventions unequivocally exist?
Have thong, will travel! Last year, a prolongation association orderly a initial annual “Stripper Convention Party Bus Atlanta” hold in … New Orleans. On a agenda: striptease workshops, vendors and a “fan appreciation picnic.” Please pass a beef(cake)!

Why does Tatum’s Magic Mike insist on getting sweaty-jiggy while operative appetite collection during his workshop?
Guess Flashdance was on HBO right before? What a maniac. (Also, Jennifer Beals needs her welding helmet back, pronto.)

Who is a drag black who MCs a live uncover during a commencement of a film?
Folks, contend hello to a smart-alecky Vicky Vox, who in a film plays Tori Snatch and recently twerked it adult with Tatum and crew during a L.A. Pride Parade.

Just who is Andie MacDowell’s impression divorced from anyway?
Whoever he was, that attribute ran deep.

Did Richie have to compensate for a H2O bottle he doused himself with in a minimart?
How most was it? A dollar? The dude’s got lots of singles.

And who is a propitious minimart clerk he tries to make smile?
Meet Lindsey Moser, a 31-year-old singer from Atlanta. “I had to ready a diversion plan,” she told PEOPLE, of perplexing not to giggle during Manganiello.

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How many dollar bills were indeed used in a movie?
People, there were $5,000 value of real one-dolla-dolla bills drifting around on screen.

And how many dollars were mislaid in a creation of this film?
Let’s only contend it wasn’t accurately slot change. “We mislaid about $1,800 out of a $5,000 – that was a rate of attrition,” prolongation engineer Howard Cummings told PEOPLE. “We started with $5,000 since we suspicion it would be most aloft plus, we didn’t know if we could collect it all adult unequivocally fast so we wanted to have additional only in case.”

Why do they have to do one final opening before ditching a troupe?
Hey, some people like to go out with a bang.

Was there ever a stripper consultant on-set?
Sort of! Cummings told us that, “during a filming, Manganiello done a documentary about strippers called La Bare, that is this organisation of strippers. He indeed invited them to come and assistance on a movie. we can’t contend that they were consultants, though for instance when he looks out of a screen and he sees them doing a Twilight slight some of those guys are a La Bare people.” (Insert mental picture of a boys’ training to bearing here.)

What happened to Matthew McConaughey‘s alpha-stripper from a initial movie, Dallas?
Apparently, an Oscar for another Dallas – Buyers Club – creates it tough to locate adult with a boys.

Wait – is that really Matt Bomer singing in a movie?
Whaddaya know, a fella can sing and dance: Bomer indeed creates his big-screen singing entrance in a film.

Just how many extras screamed their hearts out in that whopper of a finale?
A supersize film final a supersize crowd: The culmination was shot with 900 extras.

Those sneakers they wore in a dance numbers were sharp – where can we get them?
Womp, womp: They were done generally for a prolongation by Nike, out of snazzy contemplative element called Scotchlite. Might be time to petition Nike for a possess stripper-inspired line of kicks.

How many rehearsals did a final theatre take?
Practice creates perfect. “They flattering most had operation in a preproduction proviso each day and they would do dance rehearsals so we set adult a ridicule theatre in a Savannah Film Studios where we were doing all a prep work,” Cummings said. “It was really, unequivocally rehearsed. But a tangible time in a gathering core was down to one half-day.”

Why was a food lorry a choice of transportation?
Blame Channing Tatum. “[he] had left on a highway outing from Tampa adult to that area for a convention,” pronounced Cummings. (Yes, behind in Tatum’s stripper days).

“I consider it happened to be a U-Haul brick lorry and not a food lorry so we wanted something that all a guys could correlate in and that had something to do with a characters.”

The guys unequivocally filmed all on a road, even when (SPOILER ALERT!) they crashed a truck.

“It had genuine appetite since we weren’t faking it.”

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