Dodger opening day traditions hampered by tighter restrictions

April 7, 2015 - Picnic Time

Rafael Gutierrez and his friends spared no responsibility for this year’s Dodgers opening day.

They wanted to have a blast during Elysian Park before a diversion — employing a celebration train to chauffeur them down from Oxnard, a coronet rope and a taco guy.

But like many fans Monday, Gutierrez was astounded to find dozens of LAPD officers fanned opposite Stadium Way, prohibiting people from parking or interlude their cars to unload. On several surrounding streets, a two-hour parking extent done game-day festivities subsequent to impossible.

The crackdown was partial of a city-led bid to control a uncontrolled tailgating that’s prolonged influenced a area around Dodger Stadium.

Security has been a supportive emanate given Giants fan Bryan Stow was brutally beaten in a track parking lot in 2011. But this year Los Angeles took a get-tough proceed — dispatching some-more than 200 officers — in response to countless area complaints about fan behavior: complicated drinking, open urination and personification shrill music.

Gutierrez concluded that there needs to be some military presence, though he and many Dodger lovers found Monday’s actions heavy-handed.

“We couldn’t even get off a train all during once,” he said. “We had to hide out, one by one, and run into a park.”

They left behind their tables, tents and chairs. Their taco builder gave adult and incited back.

“I live for this day,” Gutierrez, 24, said, indicating to a Dodger tattoo on his leg. “But this is so disappointing. We have no food and hardly managed to squeeze a little cooler with some ice cream.”

For those who drain Dodger Blue, opening day is a long-held tradition.

Fans take off work and come out in droves dressed in blue and white — to barbecue, dance and splash ethanol (some discreetly, some not) until diversion time. Last year, scarcely 50 Mexican coronet bands widespread opposite Elysian Park’s lawn, personification their tubas and guitars.

This year, a LAPD estimated a throng was about one-third a common distance (of adult to 5,000). And a military participation seemed to keep things in check. Officers released about 60 citations for celebration in open and done no arrests.

“The park was still open, and people enjoyed themselves,” Sgt. Vincent Aguirre said. “But a summary was clearly delivered that celebration will not be allowed.”

Of course, many fans found ways around a restrictions.