Dolly Parton’s Picnic Lunch With Attorney Ends With A Kiss, See What She Has …

December 25, 2015 - Picnic Time

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Dolly Parton momentarily sparked a few rumors when she was seen with her longtime attorney, Gerald Edelstein, eating a cruise lunch in Los Angeles. The span were speckled together on Dec. 7 carrying some private time that finished with Edelstein giving her a lick on a impertinence after she got into her vehicle.

The dyad seemed to have a good time and got some people talking.

The 69-year-old hostess has been married roughly 50 years to her husband, Carl Dean, 73. The integrate are frequency seen in public, though their matrimony is deemed solid. They got married in May 1966 and Parton’s father is famous to be a bit of a recluse.

When a iconic nation thespian was seen during a cruise lunch with Edelstein, 76, it looked like something else was up.

According to Dolly Parton’s rep, Peter Owens, he told a National Enquirer that a cruise lunch was “hardly scandalous.” Owens pronounced it was only a assembly among friends.

“A lick on a impertinence after a cruise lunch is frequency scandalous,” Owens said.

Another source told a Enquirer: “Theirs isn’t a normal marriage, though it works for them.”

Ironically, Dolly Parton uploaded a video on YouTube addressing her loyalty with Edelstein and since she’s reaching out to a public. The adorned star informs viewers that her good crony has renal disaster and that he’s in need of a new kidney. She hopes a suitable donor will be means to assistance him.

“Jerry and we have been friends for several decades now and he’s one of a excellent people in a whole world,” Parton says. “As a holiday deteriorate is on us, one of my wishes is for a new kidney for Jerry.”

Dolly Parton isn’t a concordant donor for her good friend, though is propelling fans to see if maybe they are and to revisit a website for a Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation of America.

“In a suggestion of giving, greatfully go to and see how we can help,” Parton says. “Please do since he’s so honeyed and precious!”

Dolly Parton contingency caring a lot about Gerald Edelstein to strech out to fans for help. Hopefully, a good donor will be found shortly for Edelstein.

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