Eagle Scout revitalizes children’s stadium in LaGrange

February 8, 2016 - Picnic Time

Hunter Brawner, 15, stands in front of a stadium he rebuilt and refurbished for his plan to acquire arrange as an Eagle Scout. The recreational area is partial of Children’s Advocacy Center during a Coleman Center between Jackson Street and Forrest Avenue.

Brawner stands subsequent to a board observant his replacement of a playground. The easy area was denounced in a special loyalty rite Friday in front of Twin Cedars staff, his family, and city and county leaders.


By Melanie Ruberti

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LaGRANGE — When Hunter Brawner, 15, took a demeanour during a stadium during a Coleman Center during a dilemma of Dallis and Lincoln streets and Forrest Avenue final July, he saw a lot of intensity — and a lot of work.

The stadium had recently been vandalized. Someone slashed a tarp on tip of a fort, kicked out a rails that unprotected rusty nails, pennyless a swings, bashed in a vents in a retreat and mist embellished graffiti on a columns of a gazebo

Vandals also stole a list from underneath a gazebo, ripped adult plants and flowers in a garden, kicked in pumpkins and crushed one of a outside notice cameras.

The stadium is partial of a Twin Cedars Children’s Advocacy Center. The trickery helps children who might have been intimately abused.

Brawner was not deterred by a volume of repairs he saw that day in July. Instead, a Boy Scout from Troop 125 became some-more dynamic to make it his master plan to obtain a arrange of Eagle Scout and emanate a protected place for children to play.

On Friday, a teen denounced a revamped distraction area and presented his plan to Twin Cedars staff, members of a community, and city and county leaders.

“I was unequivocally blissful with how it incited out,” pronounced Brawner. “I was blissful for a village support. When we demeanour during how it was when we started — sincerely gloomy — to now, I’m unequivocally unapproachable of it.”

After looking during a site in July, a teen wrote a offer on how he designed to modify a stadium afterwards solicited assistance from folks in a village to try and move his prophesy together.

In January, Brawner, with a assistance of friends, spent one full day shoveling mulch, commissioned dual new wheelchair permitted full support swings, transposed a tire pitch with a glider, vigour cleared a retreat and all a equipment, repainted a retreat and commissioned new vents, combined a new tarp to a fort, transposed a roof fan in a gazebo, and combined a new cruise table, vast porch pitch and new notice cameras.

The teen pronounced a plan started off with only replacing a cruise list and swing, though fast grew from there.

Brawner estimated a whole plan cost some-more than $10,000 and each singular cent was donated from tiny businesses in a community. The teen explained that nothing of a income for a Eagle Scout plan can come from a members themselves, nor from their families.

He pronounced all a tough work was value it.

“The work day was substantially a best day, that we never could have likely that,” Brawner stated. “The impulse we were shoveling mulch, it went over a idealist range of things and we could truly see how this stadium would impact people.”

Samantha Link, open family and selling deputy with Twin Cedars, added: “Its not only kids during a Advocacy Center that use a playground, though all a children in a village come in and play here.”

Brawner pronounced he hoped a stadium brings some fun to children going by a formidable time — during slightest for a small while.

“If they’re during a Coleman Center, it might be for a bad experience. But maybe personification on a stadium will alleviate that experience,” a teen explained. “I know it’s not a miracle, though even if it is only a proxy patch on something painful, afterwards we consider I’ve done a outrageous impact.”

Melanie Ruberti is a contributor with LaGrange Daily News. She might be reached during 706-884-7311, ext. 2156.


Melanie Ruberti is a contributor with LaGrange Daily News. She might be reached during 706-884-7311, ext. 2156.

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