El Camino comparison cruise postponed

September 22, 2017 - Picnic Time

El Camino’s rarely expected comparison cruise was strictly deferred on Friday, Sept. 15. The eventuality had been scheduled to take place on Sept. 19, though was cancelled due to not adequate tickets being sole in time before a picnic. Misbehavior was also a contributing cause as a Welcome Back Parade was “postponed indefinitely” a same day due to a miss of team-work during a tailgate.

The cruise was to start during sixth period, with a buses withdrawal during 2:30 p.m., and would final until 7:30 p.m. during Vasa Park, located in Triunfo Canyon in Agoura Hills.

Hundreds of seniors attend a cruise any year. At a picnic, seniors take a mangle from their class, and suffer slides, swimming, games, and spend time with any other.

The cruise is also a fundraiser for destiny events, with tickets sole during a tyro store during lunch and nourishment for $40 each.

Some students had been fervent to attend a picnic, though many suspicion a $40 tickets were overpriced, suspicion it was dumb, or didn’t like a park it was holding place, that contributed to a miss of sheet sales.

It was reliable however, that a cruise is not going to be totally cancelled, though instead a date will be changing. More information has nonetheless to be given though it will be function now on Oct. 4.

Nothing central has been pronounced about other events yet, though many seniors are dissapoint and trust it is astray that a events they wait and compensate for have been postponed.

While a new Welcome Back Parade date has nonetheless to be announced if it is during all, a comparison cruise has been reliable to be holding place on Oct. 4, and now has time to be done better, and a plcae presumably altered to inspire seniors to squeeze tickets.

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