Elisa Donovan: Why we Likely Won’t Have a Second Child

June 15, 2015 - Picnic Time

Elisa Donovan is crazy bustling — and that’s usually a approach she likes it.

The 44-year-old actress, mom to 3-year-old Scarlett and PEOPLE.com blogger just starred in a sixth installment of a family-friendly The Dog Who Saved  series, will seem in a darker film after this year and still has time to take her daughter to museums.

“I wish that we emanate an picture of a full lady for Scarlett, a lady who has goals and desires and thoughts of her own, nonetheless whose primary purpose is being her mom,” Donovan tells PEOPLE.

The Clueless star opens adult to PEOPLE about her friendship to both work and motherhood, since one venerable daughter competence be adequate and father Charlie Bigelow‘s tea celebration skills.

Elisa Donovan dog who saved
Courtesy Elisa Donovan

PEOPLE: What is Scarlett adult to these days? Describe her personality, her likes, dislikes.

Elisa: Well, she usually incited 3 so she’s, we know — how do we put it diplomatically — a TOTAL PAIN IN THE YOU-­KNOW-­WHAT. Kidding … not really. Ha!

Let’s be honest — she is using things. Charlie and we like to fake that we are in control, nonetheless we are usually pawns in her master plan. She is waggish and has a unequivocally clever opinion about everything, and it’s customarily a discordant one. She LOVES music, nonetheless has unequivocally specific tastes (she went by a Public Enemy and Pharrell phase, now she’s into some-more yogic song and Led Zeppelin … she’s unequivocally diverse!). She dominates a iPod in a house. She also likes to play a guitar. She recites her favorite books to us, and she loves to build things — she’s into Magnatiles and Goldieblox, that we consider is awesome.

She dresses herself, which, a vast infancy of a time, is alarming. She possibly looks like a radical punk or a 65-year-old botanist. She totally cracks me adult and is wholly her possess person. Both my father and my mom contend she is accurately like me, so we theory it’s boundless prudence and payback.

The mythological meltdowns and tantrums of this age nonetheless — we could do without. Scarlett has also motionless that she doesn’t wish to go to bed lately, that is a recipe for a crazy house. If no one is sleeping, things get very, very, twisted … it’s debilitating. Irrational tears — mostly from me! This things will be a subject of my subsequent blog for sure.

Elisa Donovan dog who saved
Courtesy Elisa Donovan

PEOPLE: What’s your favorite thing to do with her/as a family?

Elisa: On Sundays, there is something called Off The Grid/Picnic In The Presidio not too distant from us. It’s this overwhelming family-friendly nonetheless adult fun picnic/gathering in a Presidio in San Francisco. There is a DJ and opposite food trucks from internal restaurants. We go with a garland of a friends and their kids. The kids build tents and dance and play together while we splash booze and distortion on a grass. It’s a win-­win for everyone.

But what we like to do many with Scarlett, usually a dual of us, is go to museums. we have this array of photos, starting from when she was about 3 months old, of her during several exhibits. It’s unequivocally been fun to see as she ages what kinds of pieces she is drawn to. She loves a aquarium as well.

Elisa Donovan Dog Who Saved
Dog Who Saved Summer

PEOPLE: Do we consider you’ll be “one and done” or are we anticipating to enhance your family further?

Elisa: GREAT question. How many time do we have? Ha!

The brief answer is no, we don’t consider we will have another child, nonetheless we never know. I’m an romantic — so in some ability we consider it would be smashing to have another child: It’s a many rewarding, heart-­opening, exhausting, exhilarating, humbling, hilarious, infuriating, enlightening, knowledge of my life — so since wouldn’t we wish to do it AGAIN??

But a existence is utterly different. The love we have for and feel from Scarlett is over articulation. Just beyond. And we feel like I’m a unequivocally good mom many of a time. But we consider a lot of that has to do with my consistent given to a change of work, marriage, life and motherhood. And it is an burdensome balancing act that I’m never certain we am removing right.

I know I’m a improved mom when we am working. Some people will wish to vilify me for that, nonetheless my creative/professional life is unequivocally many a partial of who we am as a chairman and we don’t take that lightly. If we omit that partial of myself, we am ignoring a partial of my soul. How can we repudiate my child a partial of my soul? So if we already feel like it’s a sophistry act with one, we have concerns about bringing another child into that and formulating a life with even reduction time to favour a gifts we already have. That’s usually a alertness we have around it, for me.

Yes, we am wakeful that everybody says, “Oh, usually have another one — it gets easier! You’ll figure it out!” On one level, we know since people contend that. But it’s a tellurian life we are articulate about here, and for me, we usually don’t feel gentle rising into it so flippantly. we consider there are women who are cut out to be moms to some-more than one child (and we know many of them!), I’m usually not certain we am one of them. And we wish to be certain that we am, if we are going to have another.

Elisa Donovan dog who saved
Courtesy Elisa Donovan

PEOPLE: What do we like about doing The Dog Who Saved… series? Is it tough to work with a dog?

Elisa: Oh we usually venerate creation these movies! Gary Valentine (who plays my husband) is like my second husband. In fact, given we shot a initial one of these cinema before possibly of us were married, it’s kind of like he’s my initial husband. Ha! We usually have enchanting chemistry, we giggle and laugh, and play unequivocally good off one another. We have combined these characters that we feel are so relatable as a integrate and as parents.

The cinema are good for a whole family. We’ve had opposite actors play a kids in scarcely each film and they’ve all been great. But this time, a kids are ideally cast. They are such professionals and good actors, nonetheless also they are good kids. Sweet, smart, funny, respectful. It gives me wish for a destiny of Hollywood if these kids are going to be carrying on.

As for operative with a dog — basically, we have to accept a fact that if a dog gets it right on a 10th take, that’s a one they will use; and fundamentally that’s a take that will be your worst. They say, “Never work with kids or dogs.” we theory we didn’t get that memo!

Elisa Donovan Dog Who Saved
Dog Who Saved Summer

PEOPLE: Does Scarlett watch these movies? Are we scoring vital cold points with her?

Elisa: we was indeed pregnant with Scarlett in one of them! (The Dog Who Saved Christmas Eve) They wrote my pregnancy into a movie, so it was rather surreal … sufficient it to contend there were moments where we would take liberties with a book and say, “Yeah sooooo, we don’t consider a profound lady would contend this, and here is since — !”

But as distant as Scarlett examination a movies, she’s still too immature to know that Mommy is in a movie. Whenever she sees me on TV she usually says, “Mama’s on a TV again!” But we overtly consider she usually sees it like I’m in an iPhone video or something — she doesn’t consider it’s uncanny during all.

And we unequivocally don’t consider I’m removing any additional points for it during a moment. Although my friends’ kids who are a integrate of years comparison consider I’m unequivocally cold for being in a film with Francesca Capaldi and Cole Jensen! So we will unequivocally keep that in mind for a destiny …

PEOPLE: Do we have any some-more film/TV projects in a works? 

Elisa: we have an indie film called Cardinal X that will be entrance out after this year. It’s an irritable play where we have a tiny ancillary purpose of a wealthy, alcoholic, emotionally violent mom of a teen (played by Francesca Eastwood). So basically, it’s a discord of my impression in a Dog Who Saved cinema … ! We will also be sharpened a subsequent installment of a Dog cinema after this year.

Oh! And we wish to be on Dancing With The Stars!! Can we contend that? Hello, Universe — listen up! And Scarlett would be front quarrel core entertaining me on, with unequivocally clever moves of her own. we would win it! You listened it here first. Well maybe not first, given we do try to tell anyone who will listen … ;-­) !

Elisa Donovan Dog Who Saved
Dog Who Saved Summer

PEOPLE: As a operative mom with an active toddler, has Lean In taken on even larger significance in your life? [Donovan lent her voice to a audiobook of Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller]

Elisa: Absolutely, yes. we have found that being a mom has stretched me in ways we never imagined. One of a many startling things has been how clever a lift has been to continue in my career, juxtaposed with how clever a lift is to usually to be with Scarlett all of a time.

I know there are some women who don’t have that lift towards career, and that is smashing for them. It usually isn’t that approach for me. Charlie thinks I’m a loon since each time we contend we need space divided from Scarlett, a second we get it, I’m blank her … and wondering if she’s removing what she needs, etc. But we wish Scarlett to grow adult observant dual relatives that entirely attend in life. And for us — that is a mom and a father that both work tough during something that matters to them and both have extreme commitments to being parents. And we wish Scarlett to know that carrying a career does not have to come during a responsibility of amatory and being loved. It’s that simple.

I don’t know any lady who doesn’t feel pulled in several directions (working or not/mother or not), who doesn’t feel like she’s unwell or not delivering in one area or another of her life. we consider this is partly since we put a lot of vigour on ourselves to surpass and be ideal and do everything, nonetheless it’s also since we are multitaskers by nature, with a full ability to get s— done.

So we wish that we emanate an picture of a full lady for Scarlett, a lady who has goals and desires and thoughts of her own, nonetheless whose primary purpose is being her mom. we can already see that Scarlett and her era of girls are a clever bunch. They will be a force to be reckoned with. we don’t know if there is a “having it all,” we consider that’s a short-­sighted catchphrase that people like to feat both sides of. But if messy, perfect‐imperfection, zany, ­sometimes‐getting‐it‐right­‐sometimes­‐screwing­‐it­‐all­‐up is carrying it all — afterwards yeah, we have that!

PEOPLE: How is Charlie doing as a father of a daughter? Is he a tea celebration consultant yet? Are there any special father/daughter things they do together? 

Elisa: Charlie is a unusual dad. He and Scarlett are super tight. We fun (well, we joke, and he says “Yeah, that’s not a joke”) that one day they will unequivocally be sitting opposite from me during a list saying, “Why is Mom so nuts?”

Somehow, Charlie manages to go to work during 4 a.m. and still have adequate appetite to be her best friend when he gets home. He and Scarlett dance around together even some-more than she and we do. His tea celebration skills could use a small work, though. When Scarlett says, “Daddy, do we wish some tea?” he used to say, “No. I’m good,” that did NOT go over good with her. So we had to manager him a small …

PEOPLE: You’re an zealous yogi — do we have any tips on how stressed-­out moms can stay sane? 

Elisa: Starting your day with a few object salutations is a unequivocally easy approach to get into yoga if you’re unfamiliar. Mindfulness and respirating are everything. My elementary advice is: When you’re in that moment, when you’re unequivocally about to remove it (we ALL KNOW THAT MOMENT), take a low breath. A unequivocally low one. Feel your heart beat. Feel your feet on a ground. Then start again. Trust me — usually try it.

PEOPLE: Do we have any skeleton to applaud a 20th anniversary of Clueless? Have we kept in hold with your costars? 

Elisa: There is a BuzzFeed screening and Q A in Los Angeles in Jul that we will be participating in. Donald [Faison] and we are still friends, we try to see one another whenever I’m in L.A. It gets chaotic with work schedules and kids, generally since I’m usually down there unequivocally when I’m working. But we always keep in touch. We went to his wedding. He’s a genuine deal, we venerate him.

Actually, when we initial started sharpened a Dog movies, we remember texting Donald and saying, “I’m operative with someone that done me consider of we — since we are shouting ’til we’re crying!”

Elisa Donovan dog who saved
Courtesy Elisa Donovan

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— Andrea Park

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