End of division cruise brings students together during DSC

December 22, 2016 - Picnic Time

Flagler Daytona State College teachers, staff, students, friends and family, assimilated together for a giveaway Holiday Picnic recently during Herschel King Park.

The eventuality was sponsored by a Academic Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Healthy Roots, Multicultural Club, Psychology Club and a Veterans Club.

“The best partial of it all was saying individuals, from all nationalities, religions and ethnicities, come together and share their singular backgrounds,” Multicultural Club President, Allistair Sammy said.

Connecting with other students during DSC can be problematic, given a standard approach students accommodate during college are as dorms, parties or football games, nothing of that exist during a school. DSC students go to school, go to work and go home.

This collaborative bid gave students an event to accommodate any other and emanate friendships.

“One of a categorical goals of a psychology bar is to emanate opportunities for a students to bond and make friends, that helps them soothe stress, and make their time during DSC some-more enjoyable,” Vice President Irina Parpulanskaya said.

Students concluded that after a finish of a semester, and a stressful week of finals, this was a good approach for everybody to let lax and suffer themselves.

“The rebound residence was really my kids favorite thing to do,” President of a Veterans Club, Mick Hourahan said. “It was tough to get them out of there; that was until Santa showed adult with a bag full of treats!”

During a scavenger hunt, orderly by R.J. Sluman, President of Healthy Roots, participants were reserved a organisation so cruise goers could accommodate new people. Other activities included: dumpcart races, 3 legged races and a cake eating contest.

“I couldn’t stop laughing,” President of a Academic Club Kaylee Jackson said. “Seeing my sister’s face, submerged in a pie, was awesome!”

Planned events for a clubs include: a Veterans Club film night during a Daytona State College Amphitheater; Healthy Roots’ chili prepare off; and a Psychology Club dodgeball contest during 3 p.m. Feb. 9 to advantage a Family Life Center. Interested teams can email [email protected].

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