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January 11, 2015 - Picnic Time

Bay Area Older Adults
(BAO) and
Santa Clara County
(SCC) Parks
have partnered to offer hikes for adults age 50+ as partial of BAO’s
preventative health program.

Older adults
constitute some-more than 30 percent of a race of Santa Clara County and
increasingly humour from ongoing health conditions such as heart disease,
diabetes and depression.

Inspired by her
grandparents’ adore of a outdoor and learning, former Silicon Valley biotech
executive Dr. Anne Ferguson founded BAO to commission comparison adults
to urge their earthy and mental health and amicable well-being.

She explains “As we age and generally after
retirement, it is vicious to be physically active, rise new friendships and
keep a minds stimulated. This is because any travel is dual to 4 miles, has a
unique educational member and a amicable cruise lunch.”

One hiker, Jean, summarizes her experience:
“joining BAO hikes one of my best decisions given retirement. The hikes are not only sportive a body,
but also enriching my believe about a parks. we done new friends in BAO
hikes who have a same passion as me for hiking. It inspires me to continue
being active, that age is not an excuse. we even showed a organisation hiking
pictures to my 84-year-old mom and speedy her to join.”

Each travel is customized for
older adults in terms of pace, turf and betterment changes to make them
accessible to as many seniors as possible.

As one comparison mentioned “A reward for me is that given we’re all older
adults, a hikes are during a reasonable pace.”

Another critical aspect of the
hikes is that many comparison adults would not travel alone, and BAO hikes give them
the certainty and comfort of hiking with others.

Seniors motivate any other on a hikes, as Sally B. conveyed “Being
with other people my age is inspiring–we might be older, though we are challenging
ourselves to do some-more and pull on.”

Building new social
relationships is overwhelmingly a many critical aspect of a hikes to the
seniors who participate. Because people
can go during their possess pace, they have time to discuss as they walk.

As one member voiced “We experience
the intercourse of associate hikers and rivet in review with new acquaintances
over lunch.”

The cruise lunches are an constituent partial of a hikes as it is a
time for people to consort while savoring a beauty of a county parks.

Togo’s has easily offering to be a cruise lunch sponsor
for a 2015 hikes.

Heidi McFarland, SCC Park
Interpretive Program Coordinator and an gifted park interpreter, is BAO’s indispensable
hike personality and is rarely appreciated by BAO hikers.

Karen Hill, who has attended mixed hikes, says
“Heidi is really knowledgeable, friendly and adds another whole dimension to
the experience.”

As Heidi describes, “Partnering with Bay Area Older Adults has
enabled us to boost a series of comparison adults on county park trails and
gives them a certainty to lapse to a parks on their own. Since 2013, we had some-more than 800 adults age
50 to 85 on a hikes.”

The hikes are all over Santa
Clara County, from as distant south as Gilroy to as distant north as Alviso.

This gives seniors a possibility to knowledge the
diverse inlet and story of SCC Parks including a waterfalls of Uvas Canyon
County Park, a redwoods of Sanborn County Park, a mining story of Almaden
Quicksilver County Park and a world’s smallest butterflies that multiply at
Alviso Marina County Park.

Please visit
http://www.bayareaolderadults.org/2015-bao-hikes to learn

–Images and info pleasantness of BAO.

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