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September 24, 2014 - Picnic Time

Don’t let your ensure down, though. You don’t wish to spoil a fun by flitting around something that will make your friends and family sick. It’s cooler, though it’s still Alabama and a outward tumble temperatures are not a same as a inside of your refrigerator.

September also is Food Safety Education month, so I’ll give we a few reserve tips and we can pass them along to your desired ones. (Especially if we will be eating during their cookout during a subsequent gathering!)

• First, rinse your hands. Use soap and comfortable water. The whole routine should take a smallest of 20 seconds. Wash your hands before we start, after we have rubbed tender meat, fish, ornithology or eggs, before portion and anytime we reason something other than a food or kitchen tools. If we don’t have your penetrate with you, cruise seeking a crafty chairman in your organisation to set adult a hand-washing hire regulating an inverted splash enclosure with purify H2O in it that can be dispensed regulating a spigot. There are some engaging designs online.

• Include wet towelettes or palm sanitizer for guests.

• Keep dual apart insulated coolers: one for drinks and one for food. This will keep your food good cold given a splash cooler is expected to be non-stop some-more frequently. Place coolers in a shade and cover them with blankets to assistance reason in a aged temperatures. The heat we wish your cold dishes to be is next 40 degrees. If perishables get above 40 degrees and it’s not 90 degrees outside, they will still be protected for dual hours. After dual hours, chuck them away.

• Don’t assume your cooler can chill dishes sufficient if a food is during room heat before to packing. Make certain food is totally cold or solidified before make-up it in a cooler. Pack dishes in retreat sequence so that a final ones packaged will be a initial ones used.

• Meat and other identical tender dishes should be hermetic in cosmetic bags or containers. This will forestall decay of other dishes from leaking juices. Store a tender dishes alone from ready-to-eat foods.

• Take beef out of a fridge or cooler only in time to place on a grill. Never place baked meat, fish or ornithology behind in a enclosure that it was in. Use a purify span of tongs and a purify cosmetic image or platter when stealing a baked equipment from a grill. When marinating, drop a leftover brine after we place a equipment on a grill.

• Use a beef thermometer to decider if a inner heat of a beef or ornithology is safe. Good news, pig fans — a smallest heat of safely baked pig (whole cuts of meat) is a same as beef beef and ribs, 145 degrees. No some-more dry, chewy pig chops or blackened ribs. Ground beef and pig still contingency be baked to 160 degrees; all ornithology contingency be baked to 165 degrees.

• Use apart slicing play and knives to forestall cranky decay of tender and baked foods. Wipe them purify with paper towels during a griddle and keep them apart until we can purify them scrupulously during home.

• Less-prepared folks infrequently move deli and take-out dishes for outward dining. Foods like boiled chicken, potato salad or coleslaw need to be eaten within dual hours of pickup.

• If we are holding prohibited food to a party, it should be kept during 140 degrees or hotter until served. Try jacket your prohibited stew or other object in several layers of aluminum wrap, followed by newspapers and a towel.

• Cover all food with cosmetic wrap, aluminum foil or lids, or keep food and reserve in their strange wrapping to forestall contamination

Remember a sign in food safety: “When in doubt, chuck it out!”

For some-more information on food safety, go to www.aces.edu/fcs/fspp. Also, we can stop by a Etowah County Extension Office during 3200-A W. Meighan Blvd., or call us during 256-547-7936.

Christy Mendoza is a informal prolongation representative for food safety, refuge and credentials in a Etowah County Extension Office.

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