Family and crony pronounce after physique of blank kayaker found

December 21, 2014 - Picnic Time

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- FWC officials recovered a physique of Andrew Barber, a blank kayaker, Friday. An officer speckled with on patrol; he saw a physique floating. Family and friends who spent the past week acid for Barber were both ripped and relieved when they listened a news.

“I knew, we knew something had happened,” pronounced Andrew’s best crony Brooke Peyton. “I called his grandmother and she let me know FWC had found a body.”

The misfortune fears of Andrew Barber’s family and friends were confirmed. Through tears Peyton pronounced “the partial that harm a many was a unknown. We all had so most hope, somehow, we were going to find him; somehow, somewhere he was okay.”

Barber’s physique was found 400 yards in camber “B” of a Sanibel Causeway. It was nearby where Barber had final been seen 7 days ago.

Barber left after he and his crony when kayaking to cruise island. Their kayak’s capsized. Barber’s crony done it to shore, he did not.

“My heart is damaged for his mother, we can’t suppose what she is going through,” pronounced Peyton. “She has been inspirational and dauntless by a whole thing; Andrew would be unapproachable of her.”

The pain is formidable to describe. “There is closure and there is a clarity of service in one way, unhappiness churned with relief, during a same time we are beholden for all a efforts that have been put forth,” pronounced Barber’s Uncle Thad Bullock.

Barber’s family says he was full of life, he desired a H2O and outdoors.

“Andrew desired life, he loved, he lived life in a approach that would make a lot of people envious,” pronounced Bullock of his nephew.

“A universe but Andrew Barber, I’m not super vehement to face it,” pronounced Peyton. “It hurts.”

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