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February 15, 2016 - Picnic Time

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – First Jeff Gordon wanted to be a competition automobile driver. Then he wanted to spin a celebrity.

The routine of attaining both helped renovate NASCAR from a burgeoning informal materialisation into a inhabitant league.

“I wanted to take things to a subsequent level, do things maybe a small opposite than had been finished and pursue opportunities to get on red carpets, to get into magazines,” Gordon told USA TODAY Sports. “And we had people around me conversion me saying, ‘Hey, we consider there’s an event here. You’re young, we have a certain look, we have things a competition hasn’t unequivocally had and we being successful on a track, there’s an event there.’

“And it done me think. And my luminary was ‘Yeah, we do wish to pursue that. we wish to be some-more than customarily a competition automobile driver. we wish to be a superstar.’ ”

And now it’s someone else’s turn.

The 44-year-old, now-freshly late four-time Sprint Cup champion stays a celebrity. He and mother Ingrid Vandebosch misbehave with Jay-Z and Lewis Hamilton on red carpets and during gift galas. Tom Cruise fetes Gordon at banquets, nation song star Brad Paisley pops in for laughs during Hendrick Motorsports Christmas parties. But in a Daytona International Speedway infield Friday, in a zephyr cold by a shade thrown over his engine manager cruise area, Gordon continued to expel his prolonged shade over NASCAR even as he starts a career as a Fox analyst.

Who emerges from that shade could do wonders for their form and NASCAR’s.


For many of his career, Gordon was means to feat his on-track success, relatability and enterprise to achieve a luminary he sought. In a routine he brought NASCAR to an fair mainstream in a 1990s and 2000s. Gordon’s depart creates a large void, an event for some other likewise encouraged motorist and a charge for NASCAR as it continues to strive for seductiveness in a marketplace that has grown extremely some-more variable in a issue of a bomb growth.

Gordon remained among NASCAR’s many famous and definitely noticed sum by his final deteriorate as a driver, according to Q Scores, that measures athletes’ recognition and certain notice among a sum population. In a Sep study, Gordon was a third-most famous NASCAR motorist during 54 percent. Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR’s long-lived many renouned driver, led a array during 63 percent. Danica Patrick (51 percent) was third. Six-time array champion Jimmie Johnson was during 40 percent (tied for fourth).

Most drivers are offering to a mainstream as spokespersons for their several sponsors, tracks, or a series. They suffer or amusement it as an subordinate partial of a contention in that unite donation enables their livelihood.

But there is a subset of drivers who have displayed aspiration over a lane and a blurb shoot. Drivers like Carl Edwards, 36, and Denny Hamlin, 35, have dabbled over a driver’s standard comfort zone, though as in many areas of a pursuit description, Gordon set a high bar with his hosting of a 2003 part of Saturday Night Live and his visit appearances as a guest horde of Live with Regis and Kelly.

NASCAR still has probes in cocktail culture. In January, Hamlin was a guest around Skype on NBC’s The Bachelor Live.

“I consider it’s improved to have us out though (sponsor branding) to kind of get people saying your face in something other than your pushing fit or your competition car. I consider it is cool,” Hamlin said. “Obviously, there’s a good event and maybe (it) opens a few eyes here and there for people that have never seen a NASCAR competition before.”

Hendrick Motorsports boss Marshall Carlson pronounced NASCAR lacks a figure that can fill Gordon’s glamour opening as a driver, nonetheless he expects him to bond as a broadcaster.

“I couldn’t indicate to anyone,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “We have opposite folks. Dale Earnhardt Jr. clearly, many renouned motorist many years in a row, though when we unequivocally start articulate about transcending motorsport all together, or even in some cases, sport, we consider Jeff is a customarily man we can consider of who could step outward of all sports.”

Carlson seems relieved that his classification faces no such quandary internally, as Gordon will not customarily take on a some-more manifest purpose as a group owners of Jimmie Johnson’s No. 48 Chevrolet, though will be leveraged with teams’ sponsors and in other business situations.


NASCAR is desperately acid for a subsequent ambassador, and has been given 2009 when it began conducting investigate that grown into a Driver Star Power Initiative, that is tasked with building motorist brands and personalities, array comparison clamp president, selling and attention services Jill Gregory told USA TODAY Sports. Driver luminary traits are assessed and categorized by another inner multiplication and an party group formed in Los Angeles works a film and radio industries to seed drivers into shows. The routine is some-more liquid when traffic with promote partners NBC and Fox, Gregory said.

Hamlin was matched with The Bachelor Live since producers sought a motorist and NASCAR investigate indicated he was a viewer.

Patrick has leveraged work in commercials and appearances to benefit a high spin of notoriety, though in ubiquitous has not sought behaving opportunities.

“I don’t mind it. we consider it’s kind of fun,” Patrick said. “I don’t find it to be super hard, though we do suffer commercials a most. They’re discerning and easy. I can customarily put in my input.”

An undisclosed motorist has asked NASCAR to promote an coming on Lip Sync Battle, Gregory said, while Kasey Kahne has voiced an seductiveness in appearing on The Blacklist.

“An intent motorist that wants to do it, home run for us, so we will do anything we can by a L.A. bureau or a promote partners,” Gregory said.

Still, other factors have to align for another motorist to follow Gordon to a center of America.

“I feel like we can fill in that purpose and be that chairman though during a same time we consider there a few people prepared to go,” pronounced Johnson, whose credits embody appearing with several drivers in Herbie Fully Loaded in 2005 and a 2006 part of Las Vegas. “But we consider a strength of a competition needs to be where it was behind when Jeff had that event going on SNL.”

Gordon’s ascent as a mainstream figure was not customarily about his personality, though NASCAR’s standing as a sepulchral inhabitant competition in a 1990s, says David Carter, Associate Professor of Clinical Management and Organization and USC’s Marshall Business School.

“What done Gordon so special was a multiple of his timing and extended interest given a state of NASCAR during a time,” Carter told USA TODAY Sports. “To spin some-more mainstream and authentic with a intensity infrequent fan base, NASCAR indispensable a motorist with glamour and a clarity of relatability – and he delivered that while consistently being rival on a track.”

Carl Edwards knows this all too well. A card-carrying Screen Actors Guild member who has seemed as a bit impression in a play 24, and like Johnson and Gordon has hosted Regis and Kelly, knows a credit that winning brings even when in new areas such as open speaking.

“Everything is easier if we are winning races and things are going well,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “Your jokes are funnier and easier. Everything is better. That’s customarily a tellurian condition, that’s people.”

Gregory pronounced array polling of core and non-NASCAR fans revealed on-track success is an critical cause in appeal.

Q Scores executive clamp boss Henry Schafer pronounced Patrick’s numbers, while among a strongest in a sport, have trended down since her brand-building fourth-place finish as a rookie in a 2005 Indianapolis 500 and her customarily major-series feat in 2008 during Motegi, Japan.

So a initial Patrick feat in NASCAR would be good for business.

“We would positively adore to see that happen,” Gregory said.

But some-more success would have to follow, Gordon said, for her or anyone else.

“If we wish short-term, we consider we can make a splash, we can do something cold and fun and engaging or exciting, though eventually you’re going to have to uncover success, that we can win. And not customarily win one race,” Gordon said. “If we wish to be a loyal luminary – and when we contend superstar, I’m articulate about a LeBron James, those elites that mount out in their competition – if we wish to do that, afterwards you’re going to have to behind it adult with all a goods.”

And few ever do.

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