Federal Investigators Probe Busy Court Clerk’s Office

November 20, 2015 - Picnic Time

Federal prosecutors announced a complaint Friday of a low-level workman in a Cook County Circuit Clerk’s office, acknowledging for a initial time an review of a bureau that oversees a estimate of authorised papers of some-more than 2.4 million cases any year.

A matter from a U.S. attorney’s bureau in Chicago says a worker, Sivasubramani Rajaram, testified before a sovereign grand jury that was questioning “possible rapist violations in tie with a purchasing of jobs and promotions” inside one of a nation’s busiest justice clerks’ offices.

According to a complaint announced by prosecutors, Rajaram was rehired final year by a bureau usually weeks after loaning $15,000 to Goat Masters Corporation, whose boss is a father of a court’s clerk, Dorothy Brown. Rajaram, 48, is charged with fibbing to a grand jury.

Neither Brown nor her husband, Benton Cook III, has been charged. But a once-staunch domestic subsidy for a 62-year-old Brown has begun to wane. At a assembly final month, a Cook County Democratic Party declined to validate her for re-election to a fifth tenure amid media reports she was underneath investigation.

A summary seeking criticism from a clerk’s bureau about a complaint wasn’t returned. At October’s celebration gathering, Brown pronounced reports about an review were “unsubstantiated.” She added: “In my heart of hearts, we have not finished anything wrong.”

Court papers offer no reason of Goat Masters Corporation, including what line of business it competence have been concerned in. Online state annals contend usually that it was incorporated in Chicago in Jun 2014, that Cook is a corporate agent, and that a association was “involuntarily” dissolved usually days ago.

Rajaram, of Glenview, had worked progressing in a 2000s during a clerk’s bureau and afterwards spent several years in Indiana before returning to Chicago, a complaint says. It accuses him fibbing to a questioning grand jury twice, including once when asked if he spoke to Brown after being rehired final year.

“No. At a meeting, even during a cruise we don’t have (a) possibility to,” Rajaram is pronounced to have answered.

No invulnerability profession is listed for Rajaram in justice filings. He’s charged with one count of creation fake declarations before a grand jury. If convicted, he faces a limit five-year jail term.

Rajaram, who is giveaway on a recognizance bond, will seem for his prosecution later, yet no date has been set, a U.S. attorney’s bureau matter Friday said.


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