Festival Esteréo Picnic 2018: Day 1

March 25, 2018 - Picnic Time

Estero Picnic 2018
Lana del Rey     Photo: Manuela Uribe

On a rain-lashed evening, Esteréo Picnic 2018 creates a clever start to a weekend.

Nothing stops bogotanos carrying fun, not even complicated rains on a initial day of Estéreo Picnic. With a rains passing, we make a approach north adult a autopista. The trade is terrible though we’re filled with a fad of a lineup packaged with large names and sparkling internal talent.

We arrive usually in time to see La Ramona light adult a theatre with her extensive voice. Like a paisa Amy Winehouse, she’s got a voice large adequate for stadiums. On a third stage, it’s deafeningly loud. Like a charge melancholy to come off a mountains, she’s a torture of glow and passion, corroborated adult by too-cool-for-school event musicians. Tribu Baharú are an injection of pristine champeta appetite into an differently misty and grey evening. It’s a initial possibility for some people to get dancing, and few Colombians need to be asked twice to dance.

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Cohetes have a good logo. That’s a categorical takeaway from their set. In front of a tiny entertainment of people, they never unequivocally get going, that is a pity. Also on a third theatre are Centavrvs from México, who give a jar of energy to a crowd. Covering several Latin classics as good as dropping some complicated Mexican beats, they’re as sharp as you’d design them to be.

People are flapping in now, and a crowds are flourishing like a crow being prepared for foie gras. MNKYBSNSS are a initial to benefit, a costeños stirring a biggest assembly of a day. For dual guys on keyboards, and a thespian and drummer, they conduct to hoop a distance of a theatre well. It’s easy for an choice electronica rope to get mislaid adult there, though these guys are complicated and hard. Tune after balance strafes opposite a screaming multitudes.

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Milky Chance have a dumb name, though they’ve been endorsed by a friend, so along we go. It’s formidable to know what to say, frankly. They’re so middle-of-the-road that it’s hard, even for me, to have a clever opinion. Almost like their name, they’re usually like eating a mayonnaise sandwich. No filling, usually loads of mayonnaise. That’s what they’re like. Better than removing wet, though usually just.

The large theatre needs a large name, and there are few bigger than Lana Del Rey. She sings in melodic tones that clouds a fact that swears like a docker. She says she “wants to get wet” with us and charges off to a VIP area to do accurately that. She’s each in. a title act, with a theatre uncover to match. Dancers agonise about behind her like bewitched snakes, each eye on her as she dominates a stage.

After Lana, there’s small left until Metronomy. They’re on during stupid o’clock, so we confirm to bail. After all, who would take us severely if we stayed for The Killers? I’ll tell we now: One strain was OK and they substantially played it final so we had to hang around. Well, we were removing a cab, that is a best response to their music. After all, tomorrow is a night a Gorillaz come down to a hills for a picnic, and we wish to be 100% prepared for that…

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