Five heroes famous for saving boy’s life

October 3, 2015 - Picnic Time

Joseph Oh and Billy Philhower poise for a photo. Five internal residents were respected Saturday by Lebanon County for saving Philhower from drowning over the

Five county residents, including dual 9-year-old girls, were famous Saturday for a partial they played in saving a 12-year-old child from drowning over a Labor Day weekend.

Billy Philhower, a seventh-grade Cedar Crest Middle School student, was pulled from a bottom of an in-ground pool by Joseph Oh of a 2600 retard of East Cumberland Street during a Labor Day picnic.

Oh’s daughter, SonYe, and a friend, Xena Smith, who is Billy’s sister, told relatives that something was wrong. Two internal women, Ann Becker and Gretchen Leonard, achieved CPR on Billy until an ambulance arrived.

County Commissioner Bob Phillips gave any of a 5 a certificate from a commissioners to commend their drastic efforts.

“You achieved intrepidity in a midst, something many people don’t get to be a partial of,” Phillips said. “Most people are untested, though they were tested and they responded. They did a right thing.”

Phillips reminded everybody that a initial responders who arrived during a twin towers on 9/11 didn’t run away; they ran forward.

“That’s what heroes do and that’s what they all did,” Phillips said. “That’s since I’m presenting these certificates for acts of intrepidity for saving a child’s life from drowning on interest of a really beholden Lebanon County.”

Phillips was vocalization to a organisation of people who had been during a Labor Day cruise of Robert and Rebecca Kale in Myerstown, including a rescuers and their families, as good as Billy and his family.

Jennifer Oh, Joseph’s wife, reason a entertainment in a family’s home to applaud Billy’s rescue, and also to give closure to a terrifying event.

About 5:30 p.m. a day before Labor Day, SonYe and Xena ran to SonYe’s mom to tell her something was wrong.

Billy had been perplexing to squeeze them in a pool and they suspicion he was sanctimonious to be in trouble, though they were not sure.

“They could have only left and got something to eat, or played somewhere else, though they came to us instead,” Jennifer Oh said.

Her father was circuitously and overheard a girls. He went to check on Billy, only to make certain all was OK.

What he saw was a splendid orange rectangle during a bottom of a pool — in about 8 feet of water.

“I suspicion ‘that can’t be him.’ You always initial consider it can’t be, though as we looked, we saw it was, so we only jumped in and grabbed him by his shirt,” Joseph Oh said.

Billy had been wearing an orange shirt and it was a shirt that Oh saw during a bottom of a pool.

“I pulled him out, and she grabbed him and put him on a grass,” Oh said. “He was not conscious. He had a demeanour of genocide on his face, and there was zero we could do.”

Oh was vocalization of Ann Becker of Richland, who was also during a picnic.

Becker saw what was function and immediately started doing CPR on Billy.

At that point, Billy had no pulse, was not respirating and had incited blue, she said.

“He was lifeless. He was only not there,” Becker recalled.

Becker pronounced she primarily took CPR lessons after her possess son was born, since he went to a baby sitter who had a pool and she felt it was something she should know.

Oh pronounced Billy was means to swim, though wasn’t an achieved swimmer. He believes Billy mislaid his balance on a downward slope of a pool, and attempted grabbing for a girls as he slipped over down into a water.

Becker had achieved about 50 compressions when Gretchen Leonard of Lebanon, a approved nursing assistant, came on a scene. She took over for Becker, stability CPR.

Meanwhile, a series of people called 911 for an puncture response team.

“I really knew we were fighting time,” Leonard said.

Even after several mins of CPR, a child had no pulse.

When a ambulance arrived, Leonard picked adult a child and ran to a ambulance to save time.

Leonard pronounced by a time a ambulance arrived, Billy had managed a few shoal breaths.

“He wasn’t low breathing, though he had an open airway,” Leonard said.

Billy spent a night in a Hershey Medical Center, where he was kept on oxygen and had X-rays taken of his ribs. Both women suspicion they had burst a rib during CPR, though they had not.

“It could have had a opposite outcome,” Becker said. “We were advantageous that a ambulance was tighten by. They were there in record time.”

The eventuality was terrifying for homeowners Robert and Rebecca Kale.

“I started holding his pulse, and it was not there,” Robert Kale said. “I was looking during his eyes and it was not a good scene. And during a same time, I’m hollering during him, ‘Come on, buddy, reason on.’ Those 3 to 5 mins seemed like an hour.

“I can’t trust all that transpired, though we feel really propitious to have these guys in a life. They didn’t hesitate,” Kale said.

Billy remembers small of a incident.

He was swimming with one plastic, inflatable “floatie” on one arm.

“I attempted to go down and come adult again, though we couldn’t,” Billy said. “I was during a low end.”

The subsequent thing he knew, he had awakened in an ambulance.

Billy pronounced he is “really glad” everybody was there to save his life.

He is not meddlesome in going swimming any more, he added.

Parents Janet Philhower and Chris Goff, Lebanon, are still in a kind of shock.

“I’m perplexing to put it behind me,” Philhower said. “It’s tough to describe. You don’t consider of anything during a impulse though them.”

Of Billy’s rescuers, Philhower is also gratefully overwhelmed. “I consider they are only great,” she said.

Even after a happy ending, a mishap of a eventuality has stayed with Joseph Oh, a male who pulled a child from a pool.

“I had a tough time traffic with it,” Oh said. “Afterward, we didn’t wish to speak about it for awhile. You see things like that on TV or in a movies, though we don’t consider it will occur so tighten to home. You only don’t wish to see that look.”

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