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November 19, 2017 - Picnic Time

“Why wasn’t we authorised in Chicano Park?” That was a doubt Kristopher Wyrick asked a San Diego City Council on Tuesday (November 14th). Wyrick and 4 others were driven out of Chicano Park by a vast throng on Sep 3 while attending a “patriot picnic,” an eventuality orderly by Roger Ogden.


“Citizens Stand Against Racist Chicano Park – ABC10 News Report”

Ogden also spoke to a legislature about a event. He pronounced it was not dictated to be a criticism or a rally, though to be a private contention about a “anti-American and Chicano supremacist aspects of some of a murals.”

Ogden is a personality of a internal domestic transformation organisation Patriot Fire. He has been publicly criticizing a Chicano Park murals for years by his website and amicable media pages, criticizing a Fidel Castro and Che Guevara murals in 2013, antagonistic National Historic Landmark standing for a park a year ago, and propelling his readers to assistance “topple” a “monument to communism” this August.

From Beltrán’s Facebook page

When members of a village surrounding Chicano Park listened Ogden was formulation to have a cruise there, they motionless to make skeleton of their own.

According to a Facebook page of Barrio Logan Community Planning Group clamp chair Brent Beltrán, a view had infiltrated Patriot Fire and suggested to him their skeleton to “reconnoiter” a park. To opposite a loyalist picnic, Barrio Logan village leaders designed a “solidarity rally” during a same time.

As word of a loyalist cruise and oneness convene spread, tempers became heated. Ogden told a city legislature that he was removing threats before a eventuality and that people were perplexing to “whip adult a host opposite us.”


Public criticism apportionment of 11/14/17 city-council meeting

Rumors were widespread on amicable media and during a park that a picnic-goers were white supremacists who designed to vandalize a park.

As seen in videos taken during Chicano Park on Sep 3, hundreds of people accumulate peacefully during a oneness convene to uncover support for a murals, though many turn confrontational after they see a loyalist cruise group.

Ogden’s organisation arrives during a park with dual pizzas and H2O bottles and stop during a list opposite a travel from a rally. Police arrive and proceed a list where Ogden and 4 others are gathered. At about a same time, convene participants cranky a travel and proceed a table.


“Mexicans Run White Supremacists Out Chicano Park, Cops Scared”

Some people in a throng call flags while others scream expletives and extremist slurs during a 5 men, who were all white. As some from a throng try to get closer to a cruise tables, some-more San Diego military officers arrive to assistance form a fringe around a cruise group. As a throng gradually grows bigger and some-more people try flitting by a perimeter, one officer tells a 5 men, “This is going south flattering quick…I will get we out… we don’t wish we to get harm and we don’t wish my officers to get hurt.”


“¡Afuera! Violent Uprising Ensues When Trump Supporters Enter Chicano Park in San Diego, CA”

As a picnic-goers leave with a military escort, a throng follows closely along, chanting “Afuera!” Some from a throng scream threats of violence, including, “Your time has come, Roger, we square of s*. We’re going to mangle your face.” No injuries or arrests were reported.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren trafficked from Los Angeles to pronounce to a legislature on Nov 14th. He began his remarks by opposed what he saw as legislature insusceptibility toward a comments they were hearing: “If these were whites…assaulting and intimidating Chicanos, we guarantee each one of we would be glued to me right now. As prolonged as it’s whites being…intimidated it’s a business-as-usual opinion and we can see it on your faces right now,” Shifren stated.


“Patriot Picnic during Chicano Park – Start to Finish by Kris”

Wyrick rebutted a rumors about a organisation before a council: “Never once did we plead ripping down a statue of Zapata or defacing a murals.” In Ogden’s Aug 19 essay “Help ‘Topple’ a Monument to Communism in California,” a essay done no discuss of toppling statues or defacing murals though refers to Chicano Park itself as “this impolite monument.” The essay readers to “e-mail a Mayor and City Council…and ask that a anti-American murals during Chicano Park be private and a park renamed.”

Ogden and Wyrick have both settled they are not racists or white supremacists and their conflict to Chicano Park is domestic in nature. They contend they don’t trust a United States or a City of San Diego should be ancillary a park that displays what they see as antagonistic depictions of both America and a San Diego Police Department.

San Diego State University highbrow emeritus of Chicano studies Richard Griswold Del Castillo pronounced that Chicano Park is routinely “not a place of exclusivity” and it is “open to everybody.” He forked out that each year thousands of people of all backgrounds attend Chicano Park Day. Griswold settled that even critics of Chicano Park should be giveaway to travel around a park and pronounce out.

Griswold called Ogden’s outline of Chicano Park murals a “misinterpretation.” He described a Chicano transformation as decentralized and elaborated that in many cases a murals do not simulate a “shared village value.” He explained that some muralists try to simulate village values though others simulate their possess personal interests. And he believes that a messages of Chicano energy in a park are meant to claim secular equivalence for Chicanos rather than a secular leverage of Chicanos.

According to a website of a Chicano Park Steering Committee, “One of a strange goals of Chicano Park…was to…mirror and showcase a beauty, culture, and suggestion of a Chicano people…the murals in Chicano Park…constitute…the world’s largest outside art gallery.”

As of this writing, no city-council member has released any response to a incident. Beltrán and a Chicano Park Steering Committee did not respond to a ask for comment.

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