Flashback: Watch Brad Paisley Play for Obama

January 22, 2015 - Picnic Time

Last night, while President Obama delivered his sixth State of a Union residence on Capitol Hill, a really opposite kind of domestic eventuality was distracted in downtown Austin, Texas. There, fueled by a flush of feat — not to discuss a 4 tons of beef brisket and 340 gallons of sharp red pinto beans that had been dished out progressing that afternoon, during a lunchtime cruise on a Texas Capitol grass — incoming Governor Greg Abbott distinguished his coronation with a black-tie blowout. The party, that enclosed 6 money bars and some-more than 10,000 attendees, came to a tighten with a opening by Lady Antebellum.

It was Lady A’s initial time personification a domestic event. Back in 2012, a outspoken trio’s name seemed on a “wish list” of artists and celebrities who competence lend their support to President Obama’s reelection campaign. Fast brazen 3 years, though, and Lady Antebellum seems to have been an erring inclusion, as the organisation took the theatre final night in support of Republican Governor-Elect Abbott following his debate during a Austin Convention Center. 

That doesn’t meant President Obama is lacking for high-powered friends on a nation charts. On this day in 2013, Brad Paisley achieved a pretension lane from his seventh album, American Saturday Night, during a president’s coronation unison during a Washington Convention Center. Other performers that night enclosed Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Soundgarden and Smokey Robinson. Even so, a theatre arguably belonged to Paisley, who’d formerly achieved for a Obama family during a private unison inside a White House’s East Room on Jul 21st, 2009, as good as a Jul 4th jubilee on a South Lawn in 2012. (“We’re personification Saturday during a Nissan Pavillon,” he told President Obama during a East Room show, holding a notation to moment a few jokes onstage before ripping into “Welcome to a Future.” “I wanna entice a whole White House. That includes you, sir! It’ll be a small opposite than this, though we’re meditative about shopping a drapes.”)

Dressed adult in a black fit and white cowboy hat, Paisley and his highway rope helped flog off Obama’s second tenure in Jan 2013 with equal doses of nation gusto and Telecaster fretwork. [Watch a brief video of a opening above.]

Paisley continues to be personal friends with a Commander in Chief, even hopping aboard Air Force One final year for a top-secret outing to revisit a American infantry in Afghanistan. While drifting over a Black Sea, a dual talked about a ABC series Nashville. Paisley even got a small work finished during a flight, blending his cover of George Jones’ “Me and Jesus” while a rest of a plane’s passengers conducted some-more presidential business. 

“It’s like an office,” he told Rolling Stone Country last summer, remembering his time aboard a many famous craft in America. “Someone’s scheduling Obama’s phone call with Karzai, and a press secretary is articulate about how many mins a press can have once a craft lands. Susan Rice is over here, and she’s articulate to John Podesta. And I’m like, ‘I theory I’ll brew a song. It’s a many critical thing we can do.’ They’re using a world, and I’m like, ‘Hmmm. More treble?'”

source ⦿ http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/flashback-watch-brad-paisley-play-for-obama-20150121

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