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March 28, 2015 - Picnic Time

But if we wish to eat during today’s disdainful eventuality in South Sarasota County, be prepared to wait much, most longer.

The 25th annual Venice/Nokomis Area Old-Timers Picnic takes place this morning during Nokomis Community Park. The invite-only eventuality is for residents who have lived in a area for 50 or some-more years and their evident families.

“We’re here to applaud a aged times,” pronounced Earl Midlam, a picnic’s organizer and a licence member. “It’s a time to accommodate people, speak about aged stories and about going to propagandize here.”

When he pronounced “here,” Midlam literally meant here. The park where a cruise is hosted used to be a site of Venice-Nokomis High School.

When a eventuality began in 1980, it flourished and grew to have about 2,000 guest in only a few years. Back then, people indispensable to have lived in a area given 1950 or progressing to get an invite.

But as time passed, so did a picnic’s eldest attendees. In new years, a manners altered to concede anyone who has lived in a area for 50 years to request for a hand-written invitation.

This year, Midlam pronounced he expects as many as 800 people to attend.

The eventuality is essentially a potluck, though tighten to 300 pounds of deep-fried trout will be served. Also on a menu: a heaping apportionment of Americana.

To assistance spin behind time, memorabilia from Midlam’s collection will be on display, a 65-year-old said.

Exhibited are black-and-white photographs, yearbooks, journal clippings and even a selected Venice-Nokomis letterman jacket. This year, for a initial time, there will be a radio looping footage from some of a commencement Old-Timers Picnics.

Included in a arrangement are cinema of Glenn Stephens’ family. The 83-year-old pronounced he has been attending a picnics for some-more than 20 years.

The son of a former Venice military and glow chief, Stephens served as a proffer firefighter himself, even removing behind a circle of Old Betsy, a city’s initial glow engine, as a teenager. The 1926 American LaFrance pumper will be on arrangement during today’s picnic.

Today, he’ll remember a good times of his youth: personification in a woods as a child, graduating with Venice-Nokomis High School’s category of 1949, commencement his career during a internal post office.

The possibility to reminisce is nice, Stephens said, since a city he grew adult in has radically altered over time. Development has discontinued Venice’s clarity of village for Stephens.

“The empty lot where my children used to play is condominiums and homes,” he said. “With a swell in race we only don’t have friends and neighbors like we used to.”

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