For blues fans, R&B Picnic stays a can’t-miss event

July 20, 2014 - Picnic Time

The faces onstage change any summer during a Bucks County Blues Society’s annual RB Picnic, though a ones behind a scenes — and in a crowd — are mostly a same from year to year.

And that, as most as a smoking-hot tunes blustering from dual opposite stages or a delicious grill smell wafting from a core of a venue, is a large reason a cruise stays Bucks County’s premiere song eventuality after some-more than 3 decades.

“Good friends, good music, good food,” pronounced Helene Quinn Beretski of Middletown, who attended Saturday’s cruise with childhood friends Kate Murray and Paula Flowers. “It doesn’t get any improved than this.”

Beretski pronounced she has never missed a event, that distinguished a 32nd year Saturday and seventh during Snipes Farm in Falls underneath picture-perfect continue conditions.

“We adore a blues, we adore stone ‘n’ roll, man,” Beretski pronounced of a reason she keeps entrance back. “Our feet can’t stop (dancing). Plus, a Bucks County Blues Society is a garland of friendly sweethearts.”

George Price, site executive during Snipes and a male in assign of a farm’s song programming, pronounced he spent 5 years perplexing to woo a cruise divided from a prior home opposite a travel during Trease Catering. After 7 years during Snipes, it’s tough to suppose this eventuality being reason anywhere else.

“This is so secure in a village now, such a Bucks County informative tradition,” Price said. “The plantation fits them (the Blues Society) well, and they fit a farm. You wish to reason something like this during a family-friendly place, where your 6-year-old can run giveaway and everybody’s cold with that.”

While there were a handful of children among a crowd, a assembly really lopsided older, though that didn’t stop people from dancing enthusiastically to bands like Zydeco A-Go-Go and a Dukes of Destiny, who were among a initial acts to perform.

Friends Matt Maziarz, 68, of Conshohocken, and Joe Wilson, 57, of Northeast Philadelphia, took turns dancing with Wilson’s wife, Maggie, as Zydeco A-Go-Go delivered a juicy brew of blues and cajun.

This was a 25th cruise for Joe Wilson and around a 15th for Maggie.

“Definitely a music,” Maggie, 67, pronounced of a long-lived appeal. “It’s got a good kick to it. You can stone to it, dance to it, sing to it and get a tiny crazy.”

The male behind a song is Bucks County Blues Society boss and co-founder Tom Cullen (the “Moses of a blues in Bucks County,” according to Price). Cullen, who books a bands, has done it a indicate to brew inhabitant and internal acts while also bringing in mostly new faces any year. Saturday’s headliner, Rod Piazza a Mighty Flyers from California, final played a cruise in 1991, and a other 6 acts on a check were all creation their cruise debuts.

“It’s been fantastic,” Doylestown’s Kevin McCann, thespian and guitarist for a rope Little Red Rooster for 26 years, pronounced of his initial time attending a cruise as a performer. “So many times you’re personification these tiny clubs; it’s good to have this big, far-reaching open space to play to.”

Between a categorical theatre and a most smaller Back Porch Stage over a food area, there were 11 sets of song Saturday (four bands played on both stages). As theatre manager, Dave Hofbauer, 60, was gripping things on report and creation certain things ran uniformly — a pursuit he’s had during a cruise given a beginning. He estimates he’s customarily missed a integrate of summers, and those were a years he was on debate with Billy Joel as his drum technician.

“Things run flattering uniformly after all these years,” pronounced Hofbauer, an Ottsville proprietor and Yardley native. “You’re customarily traffic with 7 bands. It’s not mind surgery.”

Hofbauer, who has worked with vital song venues via a Philadelphia area (including  a since-demolished JFK Stadium, Veterans Stadium and a Spectrum) says a continue has frequency been a critical emanate during a rain-or-shine RB Picnic.

“It’s customarily prohibited and humid, though we customarily evasion a rain,” he said.

Fortunately, there was roughly no steam Saturday — partial of what done this year’s cruise such a fun for a crowd.

The farrago among a bands was also appealing. As Zydeco A-Go-Go played a dance-friendly song on a categorical stage, a Murali Coryell Band delivered some-more normal blues (with a hold of despondency and soul) a few hundred feet divided on a Back Porch Stage.

“It’s good to get dual bites of a apple,” Coryell, a one-time Doylestown proprietor in a ’70s and son of mythological jazz guitarist Larry Coryell, pronounced of a possibility to play on dual opposite stages. “We have 8 albums to pull from, so it’s good to be means to play dual opposite sets.”

Not everybody in a throng was a maestro cruise goer. Dave Franceski, 71, of Springfield, Montgomery County, was attending for a initial time. He was drawn to a eventuality by Zydeco A-Go-Go and a Dukes of Destiny.

But Franceski was substantially a exception. More common were people like Bill Bluestone, 65, of Edison, New Jersey, who started entrance in 1984 and has customarily missed 3 years.

“This is by distant a best festival around,” Bluestone said, as he took a mangle from dancing. “You accommodate people here who we see any year who turn your friends. And there are always good bands. Usually, I’ll hear someone I’ve never listened before who I’ll tumble in adore with.

“It’s all only a smashing experience.”

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