Forecasting a final 4 weeks of a NFC East’s slapstick playoff race

December 8, 2015 - Picnic Time

The NFC East is a NFL’s jester automobile this season. No matter who comes climbing out of there, they’re going to demeanour laughable and make us laugh. Just like during a circus. Pass a seltzer water.

And afterwards use it to put out a four-team dumpster glow that was on full arrangement in Week 13, when deleterious home waste by a Giants and Washington total with extraordinary highway upsets by Philadelphia and Dallas to spin a multiplication competition into a riot with 4 weeks remaining in a unchanging season.

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We were treated to a full NFC East knowledge Monday night, when Dallas and Washington waged their stirring margin goal-fest for 58 mins before determining to compare boneheaded plays to establish a winner. We see your DeSean Jackson backtracking to retreat margin by some-more than 20 yards on a punt lapse before fumbling it away, and we’ll lift we a Darren McFadden going out of finish and afterwards scoring a touchdown when a chip-shot margin idea would have won a diversion for a Cowboys though Washington ever touching a spin again. Dumb and dumber.


Dallas’s 19–16 win on Dan Bailey’s 54-yard margin idea with 9 seconds remaining was a ideal charge we indispensable to describe a NFC Least a finish swamp as a season’s final entertain begins: Washington, Philadelphia and New York lay in a three-way tie for initial during 5–7, with death-defying Dallas during 4–8 and customarily a small one diversion out of a multiplication lead. The 3 co-leaders are now tied with a 2014 Saints and Falcons (of a NFC South) for a misfortune first-place record in joining story after Week 13. And they pronounced that would be a record that would mount a exam of time. Ha.

Most of us remember a NFC East’s excellence years, when a unapproachable and proven multiplication ruled a NFL. But those days are so ridiculously over. Nobody has been means to browbeat in this multiplication for a longest time. Consider a following:

Dallas won a NFC East final season. Philadelphia won it in 2013. Washington took a climax in 2012. And a Giants reigned in 2011. The NFC East is a league’s customarily multiplication to underline 4 opposite champions in a past 4 seasons, and in fact no group has steady in a East given Andy Reid’s Eagles won 4 titles in a quarrel from 2001 to 2004. Providing a last-place Cowboys don’t explain a multiplication this season, this will symbol a 11th uninterrupted year that a opposite group has won a NFC East. Of a other 7 divisions, nothing entered 2015 with a longer run than a AFC North’s 3 opposite champions in a past 3 years.


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But this deteriorate a NFC East has set a new customary for relation doubling as parody. This is Bad Football Central. Only once before in a 45-year story has a division’s champ won reduction than 10 games in a non-strike season, that being a contingent Super Bowl-winning 2011 Giants, who were 9–7. This year we’re already positive of no double-digit win teams, and Washington, Philadelphia or a Giants would have to run a list in a entrance 4 weeks to even finish 9–7. But using a list customarily takes some good fortune, and a customarily thing these 4 have going for them in that honour is Lucky Whitehead, that splendidly named Cowboys rookie receiver (I am not creation this up, he’s real).

I can’t wait to see how this all turns out. No, we mean, we unequivocally can’t wait. So I’m going to burst a gun right here, right now and envision a rest of a deteriorate for we in a dumb NFC East. We’re going to announce a leader and climax a champion on Dec. 8, and afterwards we can watch it all reveal customarily as we foresaw. Just remember to appreciate me on Jan. 3 for going to a difficulty of clarifying it all.

Week 14 results

• Washington during Chicago — Daniel Snyder’s group is 0–5 on a highway this deteriorate and has 3 of a final 4 games divided from FedEx Field, starting with this outing to Soldier Field. Jay Cutler will carve adult Jay Gruden’s group in a NFL’s Jay Bowl. Bears 23–17.

• Buffalo during Philadelphia — LeSean McCoy’s punish will have to wait for another year. Once DeSean Jackson helped a Eagles out on Monday night with his late-game fail opposite Dallas, we knew a other spurned ex-Philly star was headed for a sour Sunday afternoon during Lincoln Financial Field. If Philly can kick Tom Brady, Tyrod Taylor won’t be insurmountable. The Eagles control their possess predestine if they win out in a final 4 weeks. Eagles 27–20.

• New York during Miami — we don’t trust a Giants in a night diversion (a Monday night, in this case). Then again, we don’t trust a Giants in a day diversion either. But with ex-Giants parsimonious finish Dan Campbell now a Dolphins’ halt coach, this one has wily created all over it for Tom Coughlin’s beleaguered team. Tricky, though not large trouble. Giants 20–17.

• Dallas during Green Bay — Let’s see, there was a Ice Bowl in 1967 and afterwards final Jan during Lambeau Field, when a Cowboys’ deteriorate died a vicious genocide in a local round. And that was with Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray and a entirely healthy Dez Bryant. Yeah, we don’t see a Cowboys win here. Packers 31–19.

Week 14 standings

Philadelphia (6–7)
New York (6–7)
Washington (5–8)
Dallas (4–9)

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Week 15 results

• Buffalo during Washington — Here’s a good news, Washington fans: Your final 4 opponents have customarily a 20–28 record, for a .417 winning percentage, by distant a lowest of a 4 NFC East contenders. None of your final 4 foes are now in playoff seeding position. Here’s a bad news: That still might not be adequate assistance to get a pursuit done. Washington 24–20.

• Arizona during Philadelphia — The Birds accommodate a Birds, and I’m meditative a Sunday night diversion on a cold East Coast is no cruise for Arizona’s warm-weathered Cardinals. This is a win a unsuitable Eagles substantially shouldn’t design to get, though they will, with Philadelphia violence a second double-digit win group in 3 weeks. Eagles 27–24.


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• Carolina during New York — The Panthers are due an off day on offense and a loss, and we know how good a Giants get adult for a plea of confronting an undefeated team. When we slightest design New York to thrive, it customarily does. Giants 30–23.

• Jets during Dallas — Have we seen a Cowboys during home this season? They’re 1–5, with 5 uninterrupted losses, carrying beaten customarily a Giants in Week 1 when Eli Manning and New York unsuccessful Clock Management 101. The Jets won’t follow a Giants’ lead on that front. Jets 24–16.

Week 15 standings

Philadelphia (7–7)
New York (7–7)
Washington (6–8)
Dallas (4–10)

Week 16 results

• Washington during Philadelphia — Washington squashed a Eagles’ playoff hopes with a 27–24 win during home in Week 16 final season, and now it’s Philly’s possibility to spin a tables. On another potentially cold night during The Linc, this time on a Saturday, a Eagles will stand over .500 for a initial time all season. Eagles 27–14.


• New York during Minnesota — Eli Manning delivers one final honeyed highway win for his 12th-year coach, Tom Coughlin. Giants 26–24.

• Dallas during Buffalo — How crazy is a NFC East as Week 14 approaches? The Cowboys are now in final place in a NFC, though within dual weeks, they could burst 12 spots to a No. 4 seed. That’s how crazy. But alas, it’s not to be. Bills 33–20.

Week 16 standings

Philadelphia (8–7)
New York (8–7)
Washington (6–9)
Dallas (4–11)

Week 17 results

• Philadelphia during New York — The Eagles, with that strange Week 13 win in Foxboro as their springboard, seize a “hot team” layer and float it all a approach to 5 uninterrupted wins and an extraordinary multiplication pretension in this winner-take-all showdown, a kind we’ve turn accustomed to in a NFC East. The Eagles trounced a Giants 27–7 in Week 6, and while this one will be closer, a outcome won’t differ. From 4–7 amid reports of Chip Kelly’s passing to 9–7 and a second multiplication climax in 3 seasons, a Eagles’ furious float will finish well. Philly was my preseason collect in a NFC East, so because change now? Eagles 25–20.

• Washington during Dallas — Washington goes a whole deteriorate though winning a highway diversion or earning uninterrupted victories. That’s how we get to 6–10. The Cowboys win their home opener and their home culmination during ATT Stadium, though nothing of their 6 home games in between. That’s how we finish final in one of a misfortune groups in NFL history. Cowboys 23–19.

Final NFC East standings

Philadelphia (9–7)
New York (8–8)
Washington (6–10)
Dallas (5–11)

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