Former Ariz. lawmaker hold in Alaska shooting

May 19, 2016 - Picnic Time

PHOENIX — A former Arizona state deputy has been charged with first-degree murder in a sharpened genocide of a Juneau jeweler on a sport trip in southeast Alaska, according to justice documents.

Mark De Simone, 53, was charged in a genocide of 34-year-old Duilio Rosales, who was found passed Sunday during a remote cabin in Excursion Inlet, Alaska, that is 35 miles northwest of Juneau, according to annals from a district justice in Juneau.

Troopers from a Alaska Department of Public Safety responded to a sharpened call shortly after 7:30 p.m. Sunday, according to an confirmation filed in justice a subsequent day by Juneau Assistant District Attorney Amy Paige.

The Alaska state troopers initial perceived a news that someone had been shot in a conduct from the United States Coast Guard, a confirmation said. The Coast Guard reported they perceived a call on a VHF radio, and troopers arrived during Excursion Inlet by aircraft shortly before 9:30 p.m, a confirmation said.

The troopers who responded to a scene found 6 men standing on a beach in front of a cabin, 4 with their hands lifted above their heads; one, who also called a Coast Guard, securing a scene; and one, identified as De Simone, sitting on a stone divided from a others, the confirmation said. It added that one of a group gave a responding guard a .41 magnum double-action revolver and pronounced it was likely a firearm used in a shooting.

Rosales was found fibbing underneath a cruise list outward and seemed to have been shot twice in a behind of his head, the confirmation said. He seemed to have been sitting during a list stealing his boots before he was shot and rolled onto a ground, the confirmation said. It also pronounced a responding guard beheld Rosales was wearing an empty holster on his hip.

One of a group during a scene told troopers he was relieving himself in a woods behind a cabin when he listened what he suspicion were dual gunshots during about 7 p.m., a confirmation said. It combined that, as a male walked to a front of a cabin, he ran into De Simone, who certified to him that he had shot Rosales.

Alaska is bringing mixed charges against De Simone, court annals said. He will face one count of first-degree murder and two of second-degree murder, in further to one of killing and one of criminally inattentive homicide.

De Simone, a former Democratic state deputy from Phoenix, resigned from his office in a Arizona Legislature in Jun 2008 after being charged with domestic violence.

“It was a disgrace,” pronounced Mary Jo Pitzl, a contributor during The Arizona Republic, told the Juneau Empire. Pitzl was covering a Legislature during a time of De Simone’s arrest.

“The Democrats were celebrating their bill feat and they went out to celebration and we theory he had a small too most to drink. And when he got home — at slightest according to military accounts — he and his mother had a fight. He strike her. She called a police,” Pitzl told the Empire Tuesday afternoon.

“He was famous as a pro-business Democrat, that was partial of his interest to his district. He was a bar owners and, we think, initial got inflection given he was active in hostile a list magnitude that eventually did anathema smoking in bars and restaurants,” Pitzl said.

De Simone’s LinkedIn profile says he was a owners and user of Hidden House Lounge/Bruno Mali’s Café until 2015.

De Simone was arraigned Tuesday and allocated a open defender.

De Simone, who was innate in upstate New York, lived in Juneau 1981 to 1988, according to Paige. He returned to Juneau reduction than a month ago, she told a justice Tuesday.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Judge Keith Levy authorised Rosales’ widow to residence De Simone.

“I only wish to ask him because he did that to my husband! Just give me an answer! Why?” Maria Rosales pronounced during romantic testimony that stopped during times while she wept and put her conduct on her arms.

She pronounced her father was creatively from Nicaragua and changed to Juneau from Miami 5 years ago. Her father worked during a downtown valuables store, The Jewel Box. They have one child in Juneau and another in Nicaragua.

Paige pronounced given his lapse to Juneau De Simone had spent his days “couch surfing” and operative as a day laborer, presumably during a same valuables store.

A Rosales family friend, Morgan Cruz, told a Empire that a sport outing was orderly by a owners of a store.

De Simone is being hold during a Lemon Creek Correctional Facility in Juneau on $500,000 bail. A rough conference was scheduled for May 27.

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