Former Treasure Ship employees reminisce during reunion picnic

April 28, 2015 - Picnic Time

PANAMA CITY BEACH — For a former employees of a Treasure Ship in Panama City Beach, a grill formidable supposing some-more than only a job.

“Everyone was so close. … I’ve never had a pursuit like it,” pronounced Angela Cobb, who worked as a Treasure Ship barkeeper from 2000 to 2009. “It was only like a large aged family.”

Cobb and dozens of other former employees collected Tuesday for a cruise during a site of a aged Treasure Ship to commemorate a five-year anniversary of a harmful glow that led to a permanent closure.


A tie in a Grand Lagoon area of a beach for some-more than 30 years, a three-story, wooden Treasure Ship on Thomas Drive was only that, housing several restaurants over a years.

Chris Hagan, who orderly a eventuality Tuesday, pronounced he wanted to accumulate his former co-workers to remember all of a good times they had together while operative during a restaurant.

“I’m one of a people that unequivocally misses a place,” pronounced Hagan, who worked during a Treasure Ship for 14 years, jacket adult as a shutting administrator for a categorical dining room. “I spent a lot of time here.”

Treasure Ship owners Lisa Todd pronounced she was flattered by a efforts of Hagan and a other employees. 

“I consider it’s really touching that a Treasure Ship meant that most to them that they wish to come behind and reminisce,” Todd said. “My family is really flattered.”

The large grill formidable was built in front of a Treasure Island Marina by Todd’s father and non-stop for business in 1978. After a 2010 fire, however, Todd pronounced a 32-year-old Panama City Beach idol was eventually unsalvageable.

“When we indeed took a boat down, and we got down to a tools of it that were so badly damaged, we satisfied we done a right decision. We used a best visualisation during a time.”

Although a business sealed down each winter, Todd pronounced she never had a necessity of employees prepared to retrieve their jobs when a restaurants reopened in a spring.

“Some of a people who were out there today, they worked 10 or 15 years there,” she said. “They came behind year after year after year. … It was unbelievable. we still have people in their 40s who tell me it was a best pursuit they ever had.”


Kellie Eades, who donned an aged Treasure Ship T-shirt on Tuesday, was one of those employees who came behind to work during a business between 1989 and 2001. Her mom was an worker during a Treasure Ship for 24 years, and Eades started off operative in a present emporium during age 15, eventually apropos a server. 

She still remembers conference a news that a boat had burnt down.

“I got off work and headed true here and cried like a baby,” Eades said. “I skip it.”

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