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November 21, 2014 - Picnic Time

FOUNDATION SPOTLIGHT: Yucaipa Animal Placement Society


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image0-FOUNDATION SPOTLIGHT: Yucaipa Animal Placement Society

Yucaipa Animal Placement Society is a no kill, nonprofit animal preserve that temporarily houses dogs and cats for as prolonged as indispensable to find them permanent homes.

Yucaipa Animal Placement Society, also called YAPS, was founded by Betty Martines in 1957 when Yucaipa had no animal control services. Working with other endangered women in a community, Martines reason bake sales and rummage sales to account her project. After years of looking for an affordable permanent location, a County of San Bernardino concluded to franchise 3 acres of land to a organisation for a dollar a year. In 1983, a preserve was built on 13th Street and stays during this plcae today.

YAPS works to be a element to a metropolitan shelters and, if possible, to save dogs and cats that are scheduled to be euthanized. “We are a private no kill shelter. It’s a lot some-more in abyss than people realize,” says Nicole Laffey, a group’s executive director. “We can indicate for microchips and assistance find owners, though we can't take on strays.” The classification is authorised to reason animals for a brief period, though their work has a opposite focus. YAPS strives to find a best homes for a animals in their caring and also works to teach and support a village so that animals are not relinquished.

“We get 20 to 30 calls a day from people perplexing to relinquish their pets,” says Laffey. “Sometimes we can indeed assistance them keep a pet in a home. If an animal doesn’t have to enter here, that is a best outcome we can wish for.” YAPS has a program, saved by a Herdina Memorial Fund for Animals during The Community Foundation, that offers veterinary caring to assistance low income seniors who are struggling to caring for their pets. They also offer several educational programs to a open to assistance them know how to caring for their pets and lessen intensity issues before they are unsolvable.

When gripping a pet proves impossible, a classification works to make a best probable compare for a animals in their care. Laffey speaks fondly of an comparison briard brew dog she discovered from a metropolitan preserve a day it was scheduled to be euthanized. While a dog wasn’t in a normal criteria YAPS adheres to since of his age, Laffey fell in adore and wanted to assistance a dog. The YAPS house boss gave her accede to take it in. The dog, Gerard, was eventually adopted by a maestro who lives in Arizona and now assists his owners as a use dog.

YAPS depends on donations of time and appropriation in sequence to continue their work. They now have between 50 and 75 active volunteers who support with animal care. Annual events are essential to their handling bill and embody a 4th of Jul cruise during a trickery and pet portraits with Santa during a holiday season.

Recently YAPS perceived a extend from a S.L. Gimbel Fund by The Community Foundation to support their pet services to low-income and infirm individuals. The classification could always use some-more assistance and is operative to reconstruct and enhance a shelter. “We now have seed income to enhance a cattery and this is one of a biggest priorities,” says Laffey. “The need for sly chain is high. It would be smashing to have some-more room to assistance some-more cats.”

Laffey hopes that some-more people will cruise removing concerned with YAPS, not only with donations, though with volunteering. “We adore new recruits and happy helpers,” she says. “They unequivocally make a large disproportion generally with a animals. Staff doesn’t have a time indispensable to play and move fun into a animal’s life.”

To learn some-more about YAPS and how to help, revisit or call 909-790-1440.

The Community Foundation’s goal is to strengthen Inland Southern California by philanthropy. TCF does that by raising, stewarding and distributing village assets, operative toward their prophesy of a vibrant, inexhaustible and only region—with total opportunities. In 2014, a substructure has a renewed concentration on building a capacity to safeguard that The Community Foundation is here for good. Information: 951-241-7777 or

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