Four beers we need during your subsequent picnic

July 22, 2015 - Picnic Time

Wicker baskets and plaid blankets competence make we strech for a potion of rose or a frail Sauvignon Blanc, though make-up some light and fruity qualification brews can be a acquire change of pace. The best cruise beers are so most some-more than a thirst-quenching light lagers in cans with images of a U.S. flag. There’s a new inundate of outdoor-appropriate styles, mostly with a Belgian twist, that are refreshing, light and low adequate in ethanol that we can sip on them all afternoon.

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The next time you’re off to a picnic, toss a few of these canned qualification beers into your basket (along with these other cruise necessities).

Epic Brewing – Lil’ Brainless Raspberries: This is a session-friendly chronicle of a Utah brewery’s raspberry-infused Belgian clever ale. The Lil’ Brainless cuts a ABV from scarcely 10% to only over 5% though keeps all of that jammy hiss season with a dry finish. This is one canned decoction that you’ll wish to flow into a glass, so we can suffer a ale’s sparking pinkish hue.

Avery Brewing – Lilikoi Kepolo: Belgian white ales are one of a best outside celebration styles around. They’re done with copiousness of wheat for a light acidity and a sprightly finish that creates a drink certainly refreshing. They are also easily spiced (usually with coriander and orange peel) for combined complexity. This pleasant turn on a normal impression from Colorado’s Avery Brewing also uses copiousness of passion fruit for an combined deep, worldly twang.

Avery Brewing – Perzik Saison: Another choice from the maestro Colorado brewery, this summer anniversary is a take on a Belgian farmhouse ale that’s dry, sharp and packaged full of pink flavor. At only over 6% alcohol, it’s a hold stronger than a options above, though it’s by no means a heavy-hitter. It’s also vagrant to be served alongside some fruit salad, uninformed goat cheese, or (better yet) cobbler.

Golden Road Brewing – Citra Bend: This new drink from L.A.’s possess Golden Road is conjunction Belgian-inspired nor quite low in alcohol, though it is a rarely lovely wheat drink that will greatfully a bound lovers during your subsequent picnic. Inspired by a hoppy wheat ales common in a Midwest (such as a cult favorites Bell’s Oberon and 3 Floyds Gumballhead), Citra Bend showcases a bitter-grapefruit punch and worldly undertones of a Citra bound variety. The decoction has been in growth for years, and it was finally expelled in six-packs of 12-ounce cans final month. Somewhere between an IPA and a clean-finishing American wheat ale, Citra Bend balances drinkability with a punchy bound impression that keeps promulgation we behind to a can for another sip.

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