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September 17, 2014 - Picnic Time

For a coupon-clippers, spare shoppers and cost negotiators among us, there’s one word that stands out above all else: “free.” Whether you’re only plain lacking supports or simply run a parsimonious boat when it comes to budgeting, giveaway party is always welcome.

Today, we offer a second installment of a ongoing “free things to do on a north shore” series. Some of these might be obvious, and others, novel. Some might be exciting, while others are, good … simple. But they all cost nothing, and we wish this list — that will grow with time, as we supplement to it once a week or some-more — will yield we with fun ideas.

Today’s suggestions:

If we live out in a eastern edges of St. Tammany, cruise a brief travel on a boardwalk during a White Kitchen Preserve, a wildlife retreat located during a intersection of Highways 90 and 190. Although we were not means to locate any nests when we walked a brief stretch of a boardwalk, a city of Slidell’s website indicates it’s a site of a “stand of high cypress where bald eagles have nested for some-more than 80 years.” Bring your binoculars to see if we can mark a singular wildlife! While there, suffer examination a alligators who hang out nearby a boardwalk; we saw 4 on a day we visited.

A bit longer than a boardwalk during White Kitchen, the Abita Creek Flatwoods Preserve offers giveaway entrance to a lifted boardwalk that gives visitors views of hunger flatwoods, along with a possibility to observe bogs filled with rare, insatiable pitcher plants. Get divided from it all for a few moments during a Preserve, located 5 miles easterly of Abita Springs on Highway 435 (get directions and sum during

Consider this Friday night’s giveaway opening of the Sunset during a Landing unison series. This weekend, a song is pleasantness of Hank Mackey and Davy Mooney, followed by Big Shine, with Hutson Brock and Mike Pace. Bring your possess folding chair or cruise sweeping for a show, on Friday (Sept. 19) from 6 to 9 p.m. during a Columbia Street Landing in Covington.

If we spend a lot on wire television, on-demand services or Netflix, cruise regulating a code new apparatus that’s giveaway to St. Tammany residents. The Hoopla video use puts thousands of giveaway downloadable and streaming flicks during your fingertips. The collection isn’t extensive, though there is adequate there to keep we entertained, and it’s all free. For some-more information, revisit a library’s website during

Those who suffer training about story can spend an hour holding in a artifacts and oddities of a giveaway museum located in a H.J. Smith and Sons General Store in downtown Covington. You’ll find aged photos, bicycles, bottles and boxes for products of days left by, aged signs, and a vast collection of curiosities … including a few coffins with singular stories. Find it during 308 N. Columbia St., Covington.

Check out equipment from a initial installment of a ongoing list of giveaway things to do in St. Tammany Parish:

Take a kids to a giveaway dash pad on a north shore.

Visit a giveaway Abita Springs Trailhead Museum to learn about internal history.

Play games during a giveaway library scrawl night, by November.

We’ll be adding to this list each week or so. Do we know of a giveaway eventuality or activity on a north seaside that we should cruise adding to a list? If so, greatfully let us know in a comments territory below.

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