Freshman football players beg not guilty to attempted rape charges in locker …

February 22, 2015 - Picnic Time

Four beginner football players during a high propagandize outward Kirkland, Wash., have pled not guilty to charges of second-degree attempted rape for attempting to sodomize in a special needs tyro in a boys’ locker room.

The fifth actor from Juanita High School is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in youthful court.

The Kings County Prosecutor’s Office pronounced in a matter that a “attack concerned an attempted or threatened invasion with a brush hoop while one tyro was calm by several others.” One of a students is also charged with filming a occurrence and afterwards deletion it.

The incident, that happened in Oct. 22,  is among several incidents of purported hazing or attack that happened final tumble in high propagandize football programs nationally.

The many important was in Sayreville, N.J., where propagandize officials close down a module that had won 3 state championships in a final 4 years after upperclassmen bullied freshmen in a locker room in September. Seven players have been charged as juveniles with crimes trimming from aggravated passionate attack to aggravated rapist passionate hit and hazing. The football module was backed for subsequent deteriorate though with a new coach.

In suburban Philadelphia, Central Bucks West canceled a final dual games after propagandize officials dynamic immature players were subjected to “humiliating and inappropriate” arising rites during an Aug cruise that concerned grabbing a genitals of other players while entirely clothed. No charges were filed. The conduct manager was dangling and not backed after a investigation.

According to justice papers in Washington, a 18-year-old comparison was a proffer football group manager and was lured into a showering area. He was hold down and had his pants and underwear pulled down. As he struggled, another child attempted to sodomize him with a broomstick. Another child allegedly filmed a incident. The papers contend a protocol is famous as “jubie” and is informed to football players.

The plant after told military that a suspects fled when other football players came into a shower. Police were called by a aunt of a victim. She had been told about a occurrence by a school’s jaunty director.

The occurrence happened Oct. 22 and all of a students — for 15-year-olds and a 14-year-old — were given an “emergency expulsion” a subsequent day. They were arrested and expelled to their parents. Charges were filed progressing this month.

In November, football manager Shaun Tarantola  and partner varsity manager Lele Te’o were placed on leave while a propagandize district investigated. The coaches were backed in December.

The propagandize district expelled a matter during a time of a detain that pronounced it was “committed to a reserve and confidence of each student” and pronounced policies were being reviewed and that locker bedrooms should be sealed when no adult is present.

According to a terms of a prosecution and a insurance sequence formerly filed by a victim, a indicted are not authorised within 500 feet of a victim’s residence or school.

Three of a 4 defendants who were arraigned are scheduled for a box environment hearings on Mar 26. The other is scheduled for box environment on Mar 19.

The prosecutor’s bureau pronounced a students “face probable sanctions trimming from a joining to a Department of Juvenile Rehabilitation to a judgment in a internal apprehension trickery and other justice systematic probationary obligations.”

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