Friends contend they pushed UVA ‘Jackie’ to call cops

December 15, 2014 - Picnic Time

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — Three friends of an purported plant of squad rape during a University of Virginia frat residence contend a repository essay poorly portrayed them as uncaring students who were some-more endangered about their reputations than her well-being.

The friends told The Associated Press that a Rolling Stone essay was wrong on a series of pivotal points, generally a avowal that they urged a plant to not news a attack.

Their purported insusceptibility was woven into a comment that used a purported conflict to paint a design of a enlightenment of passionate attack on college campuses in a United States. The essay set off an exhilarated discuss about passionate violence, alcohol, fraternities and broadcasting ethics.

One of a friends, a 20-year-old, third-year tyro referred to as “Randall” in a Rolling Stone essay yet whose genuine name is Ryan Duffin, told a AP that not customarily did he inspire a purported plant to go to police, yet he started to dial 9-1-1 on his cellphone until she begged off observant she customarily wanted to go behind to her dorm and go to sleep.

“I couldn’t assistance yet notice that all that a essay pronounced about me was incorrect,” Duffin said.

The AP also spoke with a other dual friends portrayed in a article: third-year, 20-year-old U.Va. students Kathryn Hendley and Alex Stock, famous as “Cindy” and “Andy” in a article. None of a 3 friends was contacted by Rolling Stone’s reporter, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, before a essay was published; any of them deserted mixed assertions done in a article, that has given been retracted.

All 3 contend Erdely has given reached out to them, and that she has told them she is re-reporting a story. Hendley told a AP Erdely apologized to her for portraying her a approach she did.

Erdely and Rolling Stone Managing Editor Will Dana did not respond to an email from The Associated Press on Sunday morning seeking comment.

The 3 friends contend they continue to work on editing a record about what happened that night, and during slightest one, Duffin, wonders to what border he believes a victim’s possess chronicle of what happened — or either any discrepancies in her story matter.

“People during U.Va. wish answers customarily as most as we do,” Duffin says. “But if anything, a takeaway from all this is that we still don’t unequivocally caring if what’s presented in this essay is loyal or not since we consider it’s distant some-more critical that people concentration on a emanate of passionate attack as a whole.”

Other news media have also interviewed a friends, yet this is a initial time that Duffin has authorised his full name to be used.

A counsel representing a victim, who has been identified customarily as “Jackie,” has declined several requests by a AP to speak Jackie and did not immediately respond to a ask for criticism for this article; a AP does not typically name purported victims of passionate assault.

The Rolling Stone article, published final month, described a enlightenment of passionate attack stealing in plain steer during U.Va. The essay has roiled a campus and caused a outrageous backlash, with U.Va. suspending companionship activities until January, a Board of Visitors appointing an eccentric questioner to demeanour into a allegations and a university handing a box over to a Charlottesville police.

The categorical concentration of a square is an purported squad rape that Jackie pronounced happened on Sept. 28, 2012, during her initial division on campus. In a article, she pronounced she had left out on a date with a classmate named “Drew,” who after that night lured her into a isolated room during a frat house. Once inside a room, she said, she was raped by a organisation of 7 companionship brothers while her date and one other male watched.

As described in a Rolling Stone article, a distraught Jackie met her 3 friends during a cruise list about a 20-minute travel from a frat residence and tearfully told them what had happened.

While a essay pronounced Duffin suggested they take her to a hospital, it described Stock and Hendley as carrying on a discuss about what would occur to her repute and theirs should word get out.

“The 3 friends launched into a exhilarated contention about a amicable cost of stating Jackie’s rape, while Jackie stood beside them, tongue-tied in her bloody dress, wishing customarily to go behind to her dorm room and tumble into a deep, inattentive sleep,” a essay said. “Detached, Jackie listened as Cindy prevailed over a group: ‘She’s gonna be a lady who cried rape, and we’ll never be authorised into any frat celebration again.’”

However, Hendley told a AP that not customarily did she not contend any of that, she had arrived with Stock to a cruise list customarily to have Jackie contend she didn’t wish her to be partial of a conversation. She pronounced she watched from distant while Stock and Duffin talked with Jackie.

Stock reliable this account.

As described by Duffin to a AP, this is what happened: He had returned home from a celebration when he got a call from Jackie. He left to accommodate her and she was sitting on a tip of a cruise list outward U.Va.’s Fitzhugh dorm. She was jolt and “it looked like she had been crying,” Duffin said. “Her mouth was quivering, her eyes were darting around. And right then, we put dual and dual together. we knew she had been on this date and people don’t customarily demeanour like that after a date.”

Jackie eventually told Duffin and Stock her chronicle of what happened that night: that she was forced to perform verbal sex on 5 group during a frat house.

“My initial greeting was, ‘We need to go to police,’” he said. “I wanted to go to military immediately. we was unequivocally forceful on that, actually. And we roughly took it to job (the police) right there.” He pronounced he had his phone out, prepared to call 9-1-1, “but she didn’t wish to and,” he remembers thinking, “‘I can’t do that if she doesn’t wish to do it.’”

Stock advanced this chronicle of events.

“Jackie’s response was, ‘I don’t wish to,’” Stock said. “‘I don’t wish to do that right now. we customarily wish to go to bed.’”

Feeling hamstrung by Jackie’s refusal to go to authorities, Duffin pronounced that days after he sought recommendation from his dorm’s proprietor assistant. Careful not to discuss Jackie by name, so a RA wouldn’t be thankful to hit police, he pronounced he asked if he should call military even yet Jackie didn’t wish him to. Duffin pronounced a RA told him that he should inspire Jackie to speak with police, yet that Duffin couldn’t force her to do so.


A prior chronicle of this story wrongly reported what Jackie told a friends. The friends contend she told them she was forced to perform verbal sex on 5 group during a frat.


A prior chronicle of this story wrongly reported a plcae of a cruise list where a friends contend Jackie told them her story. The list is about a 20-minute travel from a frat.

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