Fulton Township’s Dorsey Station: Restore or rip down?

April 21, 2015 - Picnic Time

Eight years ago, Fulton Township supervisors sealed a minute of support for a Friends of Dorsey Station.

But supervisors were not confident about a destiny of a building during their Apr 2 meeting.

Built in 1876 for a Peach Bottom Railway, Dorsey Station in Peach Bottom is on skill now owned by Exelon. The trains stopped using in 1919, and, after a army as a residence, a tiny hire was left empty.

“We permitted we during a time, meditative there could be a probability to correct it,” Supervisor William Taylor told Friends of Dorsey Station President Mary Boomsma.

Taylor was on a house during that time, though a other dual supervisors have changed.

“It’s 8 years and sleet and termites and all else, that has run-down a building. If we were to go in to revive it, we would have to rip it down to belligerent level.”

The Friends of Dorsey Station shaped with a idea of operative out an agreement with Exelon that would safety a station. They hoped a minute of support from a supervisors in 2007 would assistance uncover Exelon that they had village support.

“Their lawyers were going to speak to your lawyers and it never happened,” Boomsma said.

Rumors have circulated that Exelon skeleton to rip down a building and rise a tiny park. In response to that hazard to a building, Boomsma came to a supervisors. again looking for support, though did not find it.

“We were sensitive they were going to rip down a Dorsey Station and put in a kiddy park,” Boomsma told a supervisors.

Supervisors Chairman Mike Church reliable that a house also listened of skeleton to mislay a building and reinstate it with a cruise park, presumably with a playground.

“If we wish to quarrel them for Dorsey Station, that’s your business, though a municipality doesn’t have any income to do it. We paint all a municipality people, and we’re not going to do it,” Supervisor Scott Osborne told Boomsma during a meeting. “I know where your heart is.”

Contacted by telephone, Exelon media hit Bob Judge pronounced there are no stream skeleton to rip down Dorsey Station.

“We are looking during what competence be done. The skill is not in really good condition,” he said. “There are many ideas for what competence be finished with that building.”

With or but a support of a supervisors, a Friends of Dorsey Station are still anticipating for a resolution that can save a building.

“I exclude to lay behind and have Exelon hurl over us and hurl over a township,” Boomsma said

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