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May 23, 2016 - Picnic Time

At some point, a Penguins were going to remove dual in a row.

At some point.

But during this point?

Not in 127 days had Mike Sullivan’s group mislaid uninterrupted hockey games, not given Jan. 12 and Jan. 15.

To call this bad timing would severely undersell it. Dreadful timing. Fateful timing. Now you’re removing there.

Stretching this small movement to 3 will finish their deteriorate Tuesday night in Tampa, and it’s a full caboodle of problems they’ll container onto that moody to Florida.

Sullivan spent partial of a morning of Game 5 explaining that his Penguins were going to need contributions from everyone, on a ice and off, if they were going to grasp a one idea these stately hockey open times are all about.

How distant off ice he didn’t specify, though there were reasonable inferences that it competence embody a likes of pro wrestler Shawn Michaels, now on site in support of a HBK line (he’s a Heartbreak Kid, get it?), and presumably from that lady dressed as a Stanley Cup, which, we meant whom, some fans were flitting happily by a stands during each event Sunday night.

What Sullivan also didn’t discuss privately was that, during some point, it competence even need a idea from Brian Dumoulin and a heady pass from Olli Maatta in a same game, dual things not always accessible in a same year.

Then a absurd thing happened — a Penguins got both of those things, usually to demeanour adult and find they indispensable still more.

And it was Maatta, a most berated by off ice types, who carried them still again on a pivotal diversion in this ongoing onslaught with a Tampa Bay Lightning.

It had depressed to defensemen adult and down a register to somehow reinstate a depressed Trevor Daley, who pennyless his ankle in Florida on Friday night and won’t play again this season.

It fell to Maatta and to Dumoulin to make adult those minutes, roughly 23 of them per game, a thickest sum of any defender not named Kris Letang. But on a night they responded so good in what was usually a biggest diversion of a season, Letang did not.

Perhaps a bucket has turn too good for him, though he found himself out of position, found himself branch a puck over, found himself ineffectual on a energy play, and a Penguins found themselves in prohibited disaster with a stakes aloft than they’ve been around here in 7 years.

When hockey playoff array are tied 2-2, as this one was during puck drop, a leader of Game 5 goes on to win a array some-more than 78.2 percent of a game.

Yeah, that’s all.

Driving toward a net and over for reasons not terribly transparent or even advantageous with a measure tied, 2-2, in a array tied, 2-2 (even a sum goals were tied, 13-13, during that point), Maatta carried a puck behind a net to a left of Tampa Bay goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy, disfigured a pass behind toward a double that was picked adult and dismissed by Evgeni Malkin, whose miscarry Chris Kunitz burned opposite a idea line for a go-ahead goal.

Thus a Penguins, who scored on a Dumoulin goal, a initial given a eighth-grade cruise (OK, technically Dec. 15, 2014) in a final second of a initial period, scored in a final notation of a second period, and a stress of a 3-2 lead after dual durations wasn’t mislaid on anybody informed with a fact that 46 times these 2015-16 Penguins have taken a lead to a locker room after two, and 46 times they’ve won a game.

Perhaps Maatta was among those not informed with a implications of 46-0, for it was he who put it to a exam with a blade to a face of Slater Koekkoek during 2:36 of a third period, that drew a double teenager for high adhering that put a Penguins in a four-minute difficulty they substantially usually transient since Tampa Bay’s Tyler Johnson took an equally boneheaded division chastisement by knocking Letang to a ice with Maatta’s judgment hardly half completed.

Nonetheless, a Penguins spent a change of a duration in presence mode rather than dictating any tempo, and it’s a dangerous viewpoint with people like Nikita Kucherov on a ice for Tampa Bay.

Kucherov, who tied it during 2-2 during 14:25 of a second, tied it again on a shining wrap-around opposite Fleury with only 3:16 on a third duration clock. Kucherov’s 21 goals and 41 points over a past dual NHL postseasons are a best such total in that period.

It was Johnson’s backhander that flew past Fleury on his right that Kucherov arrested and swept around a left siren to force a Penguins into overtime for a fifth time in this postseason and fourth time in their past 5 home games.

Fifty-three seconds into it, Jason Garrison’s shot deflected off Johnson’s behind and past Fleury, and a Penguins were shoved to a brink.

Gene Collier: and Twitter @genecollier.

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