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August 15, 2015 - Picnic Time

Spencer Picnic is usually one brief week divided and shortly those rides will be rolling in. All of a internal children wait with good fad to see a fair rides arrive and settle in a outfield of Nichols Park in Spencer. This is a 105th annual Spencer Picnic, Aug. 19-22, and this year’s thesis reflects a roadside existence of a 4 corners: “Spencer – Under Construction.” Fortunately, a overpass correct is good divided from any Picnic activities, so will not meddle with families entrance in to suffer all a special events and pageants and rides.

Wednesday night, Aug. 19, kicks off Picnic during 6 p.m. when a mid opens with rides, fair games and Bingo. If we can’t wait to get on a rides, Picnic has a float special each night – “All we can float for $20” – from 6 p.m. to closing. At 6:15 p.m. contestants for a Kiddie Parade start signing in and a dress competition starts during 6:30 p.m. No need to live in S-VE to enter this one. Go to for sum on how to enter.

Every year a Picnic formulation cabinet changes things a bit. One of this year’s changes is that a Miss Spencer Picnic manifestation will be on Wednesday night during 8 p.m., giving her a possibility to spend a rest of Spencer Picnic representing a Chamber during other Picnic events.

Thursday night’s manifestation is unvaried – Little Miss and Mister contests start during 6:30 p.m. though they are followed by something new: a Lip Sync Battle during 8 p.m., for dual opposite age groups.

Friday night has someone new to a Picnic theatre – Psychic Phil Jordan, a obvious internal figure who has used his talents to support several agencies to find blank persons. He puts on a fun theatre uncover and will seem during 7 p.m. At 8:30 p.m., GoGone, a classical stone band, will perform during a grandstand. All shows during a grandstand are giveaway and there is no acknowledgment charged to enter a park, so come down and suffer yourself.

Saturday is a longest day of Picnic. It starts with breakfast during a food counter from 7-9 a.m., a automobile uncover during a tennis justice parking lot by a center school, a march during 10:30 a.m., and a Masons’ good grill duck cooking after a parade. Plan on creation a day of it: there will be dual float specials – one in a afternoon and one that night; a Ping Pong Ball dump during 1 p.m. with prizes for a kids; Bingo until shutting time; a orange bin derby during 5 p.m. – in a tennis justice parking lot. Entertainment Saturday night is Steve Southworth a Rockabilly Rays during 5:30 p.m. and Cheyenne during 8 p.m. This double header is giveaway and it’s followed by fireworks form Young’s Explosives Corp., set off by Spencer’s Bob Hollenbeck.

The march on Spencer might have a opposite track this year, though it will still have lots of bands, cars, marching units, and several floats. Last notation floats are always welcome, if we get desirous and energized during a final moment. Just call march chair, Karen Johnson, during 738-7064 to let her know we need a choice number. There is an glorious map on a Picnic web site of a march route. There is some-more than adequate parking all over a village. If we demeanour during a map, any streets between Main and a march track can be used. Most of Liberty St. will be available. The gym doorway side of a center propagandize parking lot is open. The usually place along a march track itself where parking is taboo is Harrison Street, since it is narrow. Brook Street will have prolonged expanses of open space to park. Don’t let parking stress keep we away! Check in with a Spencer Picnic facebook page for any final notation parking suggestions.

In further to rides, contests, and Bingo, unchanging Picnic goers have a favorite food they demeanour brazen to, from fluffs to nachos. All a common food booths will be back, internal organizations’ booths, such as a basket raffle for Inspire, a accumulation of businessman tents, as good as some new things. The SVE High School Art Club will have an activities area for kids Friday dusk and on Saturday. The cake booth/wheel of happening counter will be transposed by something new – so stop by to check this one out. Most nights, while judges are finalizing their decisions or a subsequent rope is environment up, there will be party provided. Last though not least, Haefele TV will yield giveaway wifi in a park to one and all.

In a end, Spencer Picnic is not usually about a rides and food and contests. It’s a place to bond with aged friends, accumulate with your neighbors, suffer being partial of a tiny city – all in a really family-friendly atmosphere. Picnic is an alcohol-free eventuality with lots of confidence visible, so it’s a protected place for children. If you’ve never come to Picnic before, try it this year!

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