Grab a carpet and something to munch: it’s time for a picnic!

November 7, 2017 - Picnic Time

Now that summer is on us, many of my friends are overhanging into cruise mode, jolt a geckos out of a family cruise sweeping and perplexing to remember where they stored a cosmetic plates and Thermos flask final autumn.

Picnicking is an art and we possibly have it or we don’t.

There are those who can chuck together an superb and loose cruise with no apparent effort, while others arrange all sorts of difficult folding apparatus and finish adult pity dirty sandwiches with an collection of satirical insects in impassioned discomfort.

I have survived several engaging phases of picnicking in my life (“interesting” is a word generally used to report something we will remember, though not indispensably fondly).

In a tillage village in that we spent my childhood years, a annual cruise was a vital event.

Neighbours collected from all around and piles of food and splash were installed on to a plantation trailer and hauled along a rough lane to a mark beside a stream where willows and poplar trees shaped a untrustworthy canopy customarily used by cows sheltering from a Karoo heat.

This substantially creates a regretful mental picture, though places where cows accumulate are occasionally wholly romantic.

My durability memory of those early picnics is of desperately perplexing to rescue fallen canoes from a stream bed and being astounded that of all a grown-up group in a district, usually my father could swim.

There contingency be many fossilised tin canoes embedded in a sand during a bottom of that river. we consternation what archaeologists of a destiny will make of them.

Much later, when we was employed by The Friend journal in Bloemfontein, there was an annual cruise famous as a wayzgoose (you can demeanour it up), to that all a printers and their families were invited.

As we recall, it concerned many quaffing among a adults and a certain volume of affectionate activity in a shrubs around a Maselspoort pleasure resort.

Today we find a simplest picnics to be a many satisfactory. I

t’s all about a association and a scenery, really, so as prolonged as we are with a crony or dual in a pacific spot, we need usually move a unclothed minimum.

A bottle of Tassies and a boerie hurl work only excellent for me.

The Persian philosopher-poet Omar Khayyam was right on a symbol when he wrote:

“A book of verses underneath a bough,

A jug of wine, a fritter of bread – and thou

Beside me singing in a forest – O, forest were bliss enow.”

You can even conduct but a book of verses.

Last Laugh

Harry was invited to play golf with a integrate of colleagues one Wednesday afternoon. He arrived home after dark, looking really haggard.

“What on earth happened to you?” his mother asked. “You demeanour exhausted.”

“Oh, it was dreadful,” Harry replied. “The trainer had a heart conflict on a second tee and forsaken down dead.

“From afterwards on it was strike a ball,
drag a boss, strike a ball, drag a boss, strike a ball”

* “Tavern of a Seas” is a daily mainstay created in a Cape Argus by David Biggs.

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