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September 4, 2016 - Picnic Time

This past Friday, members of a Friends of Ski Mountain Mining History refuge organisation finished a outing adult Park City Mountain to demeanour in on dual sites. The Silver King H2O tanks and a California Comstock Mill. The refuge bid strictly got underway this spring, and co-chair Sally Elliott pronounced she was tender with a work that has been finished so far.

“I was amazed,” she said.

Two of a 3 Silver King H2O tanks are still standing, with element from a third set aside underneath a tarp should it be needed. The roof of both remaining tanks has been shored up, and Elliott pronounced they should be protected by a winter. The California Comstock, too, is in most improved figure than it was even a few months ago.

There is still most work to be done, however, and many some-more sites still watchful to be preserved. This evening, Wednesday, Aug. 31, a Friends of Ski Mountain Mining History have a devise to accelerate their efforts: a Pick ‘n’ Shovel Picnic, a loose village get-together to be hold from 5-7 p.m. during Town Lift Plaza.

“The celebration is a large thing,” Elliott said. “It’s been on a books for a while, it’s only been a matter of removing it together.”

Marianne Cone, an artist and former executive executive of a Park City Historical Society, pronounced she and Elliott toured a Plaza Monday morning to devise out what would go where. She pronounced a Friends organisation has been tough during work over a past 6 weeks formulation a cruise but, she added, they’ve gotten a lot of support as well.

“We’ve got a lot of good donations from internal businesses,” Cone said. “There’s a sausage company, Beltex Meats. Red Bicycle bread. Tandem Chocolates will have chocolate for us there. We adore to make s’mores with her chocolate.

“All these internal businesses pitched in, that is so great.”

Elliott pronounced a Friends are looking for support anywhere they can find it. Earlier this month, they set adult a counter during a assembly of a Utah Mining Association, and she pronounced they will be doing a same during a gathering in September.

“We brought a storyboards and we got a whole list of participants, so we’re going to strike them up,” she said. “The mining attention people are anxious [about a refuge effort]. They adore something certain in a village that’s all about mining, about preserving mining birthright and revelation a certain story.”

Wednesday evening’s picnic, Cone said, is only one step on a unequivocally prolonged impetus toward preserving Park City’s mining heritage.

“It’s unequivocally about removing people to pointer adult for memberships with a group,” she said. “$50 gets we membership, and we can present more, of course. It’s a good get-together, and a good kickoff. It’s not where a income is entrance from, though, a large money.”

Elliott pronounced a Friends guess they need $750,000 to do all a work they wish to do, so she pronounced a income they move in from a cruise is “a dump in a bucket.” But during this early stage, she added, creation connectors — adding some-more friends to a Friends — is equally important. Cone concurred.

“People tell people, too,” she said. “So there might be a large donor we don’t know about who has been in mining.”

Cone, who ran a Park City Museum from 1988-1998, pronounced refuge has always been a priority in Park City, and she’s blissful to see a mining structures starting to get as most adore and honour as a buildings in town.

“It’s conspicuous how many buildings we’ve saved in Park City,” she said. “A lot of towns contend they have a ancestral district, yet they have maybe 5 or 6 buildings. What we’ve finished here is major.”

Cone pronounced informative tourism — a thought of visiting a place for a story as most as for a party — has grown in recognition over a years. She pronounced she believes that is because Vail Resorts has been so eager about assisting with a mining refuge effort. Park City Mountain Resort is singular for a mining history, she said, and it creates business clarity to safety that.

“It’s an mercantile cause to save these buildings,” she said. “It’s not only nostalgia.”

The Pick ‘n’ Shovel Picnic will be hold during a Town Lift Plaza Wednesday, Aug. 31 from 5-7 p.m. For some-more information, revisit

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