Guilt in Guantanamo: Will there be a verdict?

November 12, 2014 - Picnic Time

When we recently met adult in Beirut with James Connell, a counterclaim profession for 9/11 think Ammar al-Baluchi, he removed his Aug 2013 revisit to Guantanamo Bay’s surreptitious Camp Seven as follows: “In a many tip cruise of all time, Ammar was a host.”

Connell is a usually counsel to have ever been available to accommodate with a customer in a facility, that houses 5 9/11 suspects in further to 10 other “high-value” detainees. The “picnic” came about when a detainees schooled that Connell and dual colleagues were going to be though food for a generation of their 12-hour incursion.

The prisoners soon donated their possess meals, and Baluchi suggested Connell on that components were some-more succulent than others and that could be softened with lemon.

It’s zero brief of remarkable, of course, that someone subjected to greatly dehumanising diagnosis over a prolonged duration of time hasn’t had each unit of amiability leached out of him. Abducted by a United States in 2003 in Pakistan, Baluchi was hold during one or some-more “black sites” abroad, where he underwent woe by a CIA before to being eliminated to Guantanamo in 2006.

Manic sequence scheme

As if a woe itself weren’t enough, a US subsequently embarked on a manic sequence intrigue according to that – as Connell records in a news on US non-compliance with a Convention opposite Torture – a supervision “considers a observations and practice of a victims of hurt to be owned and tranquil by a State”.

In other words, if you’ve been tortured by a CIA, you’re not authorised to speak about it with anyone aside from your lawyer, who in spin can be criminally prosecuted for pity sum of a events – such as plcae of woe or methods involved.

Lisa Hajjar, author of “Torture: A Sociology of Violence and Human Rights” and a organiser of Connell’s new speak during a American University of Beirut, “Is Guantanamo Bay a fight crime?” summed adult a detainees’ predicament: “Their memories are classified.”

If a word “totalitarian” happens to open to mind, rest positive that such thoughts have not nonetheless been criminalised.

On Nov 12 and 13 in Geneva, a United Nations Committee opposite Torture will examination a US’ lane record for a initial time given 2006.

They’ll presumably have copiousness to discuss, quite in light of a stability US opinion that 9/11 Guantanamo detainees aren’t lonesome by a anti-torture convention, that emphasises victims’ rights to protest about and find calibrate for their ill treatment.

Connell’s news on a subject, that was submitted to a committee, describes point-blank stream US motivations vis-a-vis these sold detainees: “The State Party seeks to govern … group detained during Guantanamo Bay before they can exhibit a law of their torture.”

It’s this arrange of impersonal proceed that creates a mania with force-feeding inmates all a some-more confounding; after all, because try so tough to keep folks alive if you’re only going to kill them?

According to Connell, a cabinet will also examination a thought of force-feeding itself as a form of torture. Although denied by a US, a effect of this sequence is flattering most a no brainer for anyone who can suppose being shackled to a chair and carrying tubes rammed down their nostrils and into their stomachs.

But again, a force-feeding frenzy to forestall prisoners from failing of craving in US control – something that apparently constitutes a red line as distant as maintain of a inhabitant picture goes – raises a doubt of because a same red line doesn’t request to woe in a initial place, or to a upkeep of bootleg prisons, a massacre of civilians around worker strikes, or a rising of harmful wars underneath fake pretences.

On a roll

Baluchi is accused of fight crimes for allegedly wiring supports that eventually contributed to a execution of a 9/11 attacks.

However, a plenty justification ancillary an certain answer to Connell’s question: “Is Guantanamo Bay a fight crime?” suggests that a accusations opposite Baluchi also validate as an impassioned box of projection.

That a US frequently violates a Geneva Conventions stipulating benevolent diagnosis for prisoners becomes even some-more glaringly apparent when we cruise that a infancy of a detainees during Guantanamo have never been charged with a crime and have similarly been privileged for release.

Of course, a US supervision has auto-endowed itself with a powers to free a enemies from a protections afforded by Geneva. But it’s doubtful such measures will raise “national security”, a catchphrase perennially invoked to clear a trampling of simple rights worldwide.

Instead, by obsessively classifying information per a abuse of detainees, a US is not disintegrating a crimes though rather augmenting them – and in doing so, enhancing conditions for ever some-more radical responses.

Belen Fernandez is a author of The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman during Work, published by Verso. She is a contributing editor during Jacobin Magazine.

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