Hancock city crew removing prepared for summer

April 21, 2015 - Picnic Time

The Tuesday night assembly was to coincide with a Board of Appeal and Equalization assembly hold during a beginning. There was no one benefaction for that apportionment of a assembly though County Assessor Judy Thorstad used a time to surprise a legislature members about some changes in a methods used to take training. The city has to have 3 legislature members lerned in a interest and equalization routine and customarily this training would take place during a set location.

The state has now combined other options. Training can also be taken on line or a legislature can opt for carrying a assembly coincide with a county meeting.  

After a Board of Appeal meeting, a legislature altered on to hear reports from a city crew benefaction during a meeting, that enclosed City Clerk Jodi Bedel and City Maintenance Director Toby Stranlund.

Bedel told a legislature members that after all a donations were in, she was means to sequence 11 new snowflake Christmas decorations. She also settled that she had some inquiries from people meddlesome in a aged decorations. Some of these will still be used though there will be about 8-10 extras. The legislature members motionless to set a cost of $60 for these though will not sell them until a new decorations arrive.

Bedel also settled that a Pet Clinic will be hold on May 1 and 2. H H Vet Center will be in Hancock on May 1 and a Morris Vet Center on May 2.

Bedel also reported on a new trainings she had attended and a legislature authorized her attending a Clerks Training in Plymouth from May 4-8. She had practical for and perceived a grant to compensate for many of a registration fee.

Stranlund told a legislature members that he has been pleat trees and removing a city parks prepared for summer. He has incited a H2O on during a round fields and brought out a cruise tables. The city streets will be swept this week.

He had also checked into a cost for batteries for a siren. West Central Communications had given him an guess of $2,500 – $2,600 to reinstate a batteries and implement chargers. Stranlund had gotten an guess from Schroeder Repair for batteries and chargers and an guess from Messner Electric to implement plug-ins for a chargers. With these prices and if Stranlund did a designation work, a cost would be $1,600. The legislature members authorized this observant that a deteriorate is coming fast where a summons will be needed.

A ask was perceived by a Kurt Kruize Foundation cabinet to presumably rename a travel in Hancock in his honor. Bedel had checked with other city office about how to proceed this and schooled that there is substantial cost when it comes to changing a name of a city street. Every proprietor on that travel would have to change anything they have connected to an address. The city maps and 911 residence complement would also need to be changed. The legislature members motionless to keep this in mind if and when a new travel is commissioned in a city.

Mayor Bruce Malo sensitive a legislature members that he had met with Larry Van Hout of Widseth, Smith and Nolting engineering firm, and together they looked during a streets in a Eastview Addition.

Van Hout told him that a streets would need to have a new cloak of connect put down in a process he called ‘reclaiming’. The stream streets are over simply milling. There was some contention as to how this would be saved and if a city was even in a position to take on a cost of this distance of a project. Part of a cost would be assessed to skill owners on any side of a travel and a city obliged for one-third. It was motionless to get some-more plain numbers before creation a preference on a large-scale project.

The legislature set adult city purify adult days as May 11 – 15. May 22 – 25 was announced Honor and Remember weekend.

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